Dystopian Future!!!

It is the year 2099 and the world as we know is gone! It is now up to a group of (a) “shonen” and (a group of) “bishoujo” with magical powers to come together to fight the Evil Emperor of Space and return the peace to the Solar System!

If you’re thinking: “Is this a blog dedicated to Star Wars?” ,the answer is no! I am not a huge Star Wars fan (though I watched the cartoon version, but that’s not the point). So if you’re expecting more Star Wars stuff,stop here.

If you noticed the (obvious) anime reference, then good for you! Read on!

If you’re a huge anime fan and want to know more anime or looking a blog that can give you no-nonsense anime reviews of both new and old anime or you want to discover good anime/J-pop music, look no further!

The name’s See. Daniel See. Yes, I know it sounds…different but hey, what’s a name without a joke? Hey, Daniel! I see you! (Just don’t call me sea weed. Or sea horse. Or anything related to the sea.) And I’m not an otaku. At least I’d like to think of it like that. I have six packs. Really. Well…not quite six. Maybe, two? Ok, that’s not the point.

So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Sa~te~(It means “well then” in Japanese), I’ll go easy and I won’t do any reviews just yet but I’ll give you people a taste of awesome anime music.

Not in any particular order, these anime songs (openings or endings) are in my playlist, so consider this an ice breaker game. Just sit back and enjoy!

Cowboy Bebop ED 1-The Real Folk Blues by 管野洋子

I started watching Cowboy Bebop recently and found this song. This song is quite good and brings out the sadness at the core of the storyline and the main character, Spike. But it could just me bullshitting about this. I like this song but the one thing that I really love about the song is the trumpet fill-ins at the beginning of the song, and subsequently, the beginning of every verse. Tonikaku (it means “Anyway” in Japanese), despite being in Japanese, it managed to capture the spirit of the Blues genre and hold it’s own among the multitudes of American Blues numbers.

Nisemonogatari OP 2- marshmallow justice by 喜多村英梨

I’m a huge fan of the Monogatari series. It’s the anime that got me to watch anime full time. For those who are wondering what this series is about, stop right there. You’re getting the wrong idea. It’s not your typical anime series. The plot is…um…secondary but then, I’ll leave this story for another day. The song is catchy. The animation set pieces are “what-the-fuck-is-this” kind of awesome. Just listen to it and feel the awesome-ness of anime music!! Or I’ll get mad, platinum mad!!! (An Monogatari reference,don’t bother with me.)

Naruto Shipudden OP 6- sign by flow

The Naruto anime series ended quite recently so it’s only right that I pay tribute to it dattebayo. (If you don’t know why I’m adding “dattebayo”, then…you must be stuck in a well for the last 15 years of your life dattebayo.) Tonikaku, this song is one of the best songs by “flow” in my humble opinion. (If you disagree, do let me know what song do you think is better.) The catchy opening phrase and upbeat tempo won me over dattebayo. The reason it’s in this list though is because it’s a very typical J-pop song. So, if you like this song or any one of the songs in this list, please do continue to read any music-related post from me dattebayo cause there are more songs from where those songs came from.

Sa~te~, I should be posting my first anime review quite soon. Until then, this is Daniel See, signing off with an anime quote.

“Sometimes, you’ve got to leave the water running…so you don’t clog the drain.”-Spike, Cowboy Bebop

Please do comment on my posts so that I am able to improve my postings and giving you better entertainment. Yorushiku oneegaishimasu!!!

P.S. Before I started watching anime full time, I, too, didn’t know what dattebayo meant nor knew of it’s existence because I watched the dubbed version. So I must be the one living in a well for 12 years of my life. Ha!


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