Great Teacher Onizuka reviewed

Exclusive!! GTO interviewed! (Literally)

Hello, everybody! This is Daniel. Daniel See. And today, I have got a very important guest with us today. For people who watched GTO, this is going to be nostalgic and for people who has not watched the anime Great Teach—erm…Onizuka? The webcam’s not on…Your mike’s not on yet too…Wait, hold on!

Caption: Onizuka-san came to the studio today dressed in a monkey suit

Onizuka: Eikichi Onizuka, ni ju ni sai!! Yorushiku!! (Eikichi Onizuka, 22 years old!! Nice to meet you!!)

Me: (grabs the mike from Onizuka) Thanks for the introduction, Onizuka-san. By the way, your mike’s there. Anyway, where’s the damned translator?

Onizuka: Erm…no nidu foru turansulator…ore wa canu supiku eigo…

Me: I have no idea what you’re talking about…Mr. Translator! Over here! Come help me with Onizuka!

Onizuka: Halo, everybedy! Ore wa Onizuka desu yo! Ore wa singelu da! Singelu!! Okii oppai wa dai suki da!!

Me: What is he talking about?

Translator: He’s saying that he’s single and he loves big…breasts.

Onizuka: (mumbling in Japanese) (burps)

Me: Oh, he stinks! Is he drunk? Get him out!! Don’t sit on the table! The table…it’s tilting…THE COMPUTER’S FALLING!!!AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!


Caption 2:Our photographer trying to take his photo when Onizuka was sober. Our photographer got punched in the face.

Caption 3: Onizuka-san when he came this morning. He was completely drunk. He even sat on our photographer’s camera and cracked the hundred dollar lens on the DSLR. Our poor photographer threatened to quit his job.

(2 hours and 30 minutes later)
Thank goodness that the computer wasn’t spoilt otherwise this session of blogging would have ended. To call the computer in full working condition is an outright lie. The speakers aren’t working and the ‘r’ key, ‘l’ key and ‘b’ key on the keyboard weren’t quite responsive anymore. The LCD screen of the computer was cracked too. However, when we showed him the computer and the table he snapped into two, he ran away on foot with the plate of quality sushi we bought for this occasion. Guess like the interview session with Onizuka is now officially over.

Anyway, if you don’t already know what GTO (short for Great Teacher Onizuka) is all about, then here’s an introduction.

Great Teacher Onizuka is a 1999 anime that revolves around a former gangster who became a teacher. After doing a little research, I found out that the plot was a tad different in the anime from the manga. It was also said that because of the anime’s rushed production, many of the characters weren’t developed properly and some were even radically changed. Thus, many manga fans disliked the anime. I had the same feeling as well when I watched Nisekoi. I disapproved of the use of Studio Shaft’s unique brand of animation and I thought the voice actor of Onodera, my favorite character in the entire manga, wasn’t suitable enough. I despised the anime version however after watching the OVA released recently, I had a change of mind. It turns out that I liked the anime after all. So a little advice to the anime haters: don’t be too quick to judge the anime!

Anyway, I’m not sure about the manga so I’ll talk about the anime. The first episode is an OVA of sorts, because it wasn’t related to the main storyline so I’ll start from the second episode. It’s basically how Onizuka becomes the class teacher of the infamously horrible class of 3-4 at Holy Forest Private Academy and his interaction with the teachers and students. There’s the Vice Principal, Uchiyamada, the pervert principal who uses inertia to stick his face on girls’ butts on the bus and his beloved Cresta, the soft-spoken Fuyutsuki who is Onizuka’s love interest and have a old school train of thought who also listens to weird traditional music, the genius golden haired student, Kanzaki who has different eye colors and speaks German when she gets angry etc. It’s basically a blending pot of mixed characteristics and personalities which ultimately leads to a bomb of chaos and calamity. The fact that Onizuka is a walking, talking disaster acting as a catalyst for this ticking time bomb to explode does not help at all. Not to mention that he is a bloody pervert as well. And a bloody idiot.

However, that’s exactly what I love about the anime. The seemingly unscripted chaos which is a result from the interaction of Onizuka with the surrounding characters leads to unpredictable results that are either comical or hilarious or even both! Given that the two words have the same meaning, the combination of both is…well, I’ve invented a new word! Comillarious!!

Jokes aside, although the main focus of the anime is comedy and boy, is the anime funny, (LOL) but then, there are some points in the anime where it is quite heart warming and even inspiring. After all, Onizuka can be quite suave and cool, when he isn’t busy embarrassing himself and making troll faces. Due to his history with violence and gangsters and also due to the fact that he is fearless and invincible (After falling from a 3 storey building, the next day, he proudly proclaims, “I can still do 1000 push ups!” despite his arm swollen to the size of an tree trunk!), he can also dish out invaluable lessons to his students (and the viewers) via the most dangerous and unorthodox methods.

So if you’re looking for the pioneer version of sitcom like anime, look no further than GTO. It’s refreshing and (I presume) the original version of the bad ass cum comedic teacher anime. Of course, if you prefer a modern take on the same genre, maybe you should take note of a soon-to-be released anime entitled: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, an anime about a squid like being with supernatural powers who became a teacher of another class 3-E. It’s due to be released on the January 11th 2015.

Anyway, since the damned Onizuka ruined my computer and my studio, for the time being, don’t expect frequent postings by me for the time being: I’ll need to repair my computer but I’ll manage somehow. Anyway, this is me, Daniel See, signing off with an anime quote by the same idiot who destroyed my coffee table.

“No matter how hard you try, you can never return to the past. No matter how wonderful it was, the past is nothing but the past.” Eikichi Onizuka, GTO

Trying to tell me not to brood over my computer which you just destroyed? Well, you can go fuck yourself with a tree trunk, you fucking creep who stole all the sushi I bought!

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