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Imagine, you’re a guy. You’re sitting in your room with your two best friends. The day was excruciatingly hot and the cooler isn’t working. You’re so hot that you unbutton two buttons of your shirt and untied the tie you were wearing.
One of your friend said: “It sure is hot today!”
You reply: “You’re right. I’m sweating all over!”
The other friend exclaimed: “Man, these pants really do trap a lot of heat!”
You accidentally and casually wondered out loud: “I wonder how it feels like to wear a skirt with nothing below. It’s so refreshing and when the wind blows, it’s so cooling…”
Then you realize your two friends are looking at you as if you just struck them with lightning bolts. In fact, you just hit them with inspiration! Then, they start to grin suspiciously.
One of your friends will then put his hand on your shoulder and say with a straight face: “Good job, dude!”

10 minutes later, you’re wearing your sister’s full attire including the underwear and bra then later under immense peer pressure, start making stupid and edgy poses while stripping much to your friends’ delight. And when your sister enters the room and find her clothes strewn all over the floor and you wearing only HER underwear posing femininely, your friends yell: “Dude, you stole your sister’s underwear!!”

At least, that’ll be the situation you mostly likely find yourself in all the time, if you’re a student in a boys’ high school in Japan, according to this anime.
The anime I’m now reviewing is Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, or otherwise known as ‘Daily Lives of Highschool Boys’. It’s everything a comedy should be, bold, anti-mainstream and just damned hilarious. Honestly, I too, didn’t want to watch this anime when I was introduced to it but all that changed when I watched the first episode.
Anyway, the anime revolves around well, the daily lives of high school boys.

Yep, that’s just about it.
To like this anime though, you’ll need to fulfill the following criteria. If thou art not the chosen one, thou shall not pass!!!
1) You must have a sack of 2 eggs.
Live Audience Response: That’s implying too much!!!
2) You must have pubic hair.
Live Audience Response: Now that’s just too direct!!!
3) You must also shave off at least one of your nipples.
Live Audience Response: That’s just too much a sacrifice for a bloody show!!! Plus, I see your nipples are still intact!
Me: It grew back.
Live Audience Response: Nani??!!! You shaved it off??!! For real??!!!
Mah~jokes aside, the anime is really just entertaining for people of all ages, gender and all backgrounds. It simply pokes fun at everything ranging from the random acts of stupidity (which guy has never imagined themselves as the hero of an imaginary quest to save the beautiful princess/defeat the evil tyrant/defeat the Devil Lord?) to the intense rivalries between two different schools. It does bring back sweet memories.

I know what you’re thinking but I have never done anything this stupid. Not yet, anyway. After watching the anime, it looks kind of fun. And I know just who to test this on…
Well, it doesn’t need any introduction, just watch the first episode and then you’ll know whether or not you like it.
So then, I’ll keep this short and sweet cause there’s really nothing to say but I recommend it. It may not be mainstream, it may not have fan service (apparently that’s all there is to anime these days) but it’s three hundred times more entertaining than your average mainstream anime or dramas. Or sitcoms. Watch it. Now.

Narrator: “This lazy anime review is brought to you by the following sponsors.”
Me: “Hey, don’t call it lazy!”

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