K Project review – Samurai Bumpkin!!!


K Project revolves around a particular high school student (don’t we all just love high schools?), Isana Yashiro. In the beginning, we were introduced to him being a lazy bumpkin who had all the traits of a lazy bumpkin who lives a lazy bumpkin’s version of a carefree life in the school. He doesn’t bring his own bento (In Japan, they don’t have a cafeteria, I think, so they bring their own food and that food is called bento), he loiters away on the school roof (don’t we all love school roofs?), and doesn’t seem to have any work to do.

All this, however, was about to change when he was asked to run an errand for the preparation of the school festival and leaves the school. Almost immediately after he reached town, he was pursued by a group of people who has fire spewing abilities. As he ran, he met and was rescued by a mysterious person whom his pursuers call Kuro Inu (Black Dog)…

Ok, first of all, this anime is not your typical anime where everything is drawn out clearly for you. You have to join the dots sometimes and thus, the plot may get a lil’ bit confusing at times. And the setting of the anime wasn’t even explained throughly enough for people to understand what the hell is going on until halfway through the anime. So, for your convinience, I’ll explain the setting of this anime.

The anime is set in a alternate Japan where the government is only a puppet used to govern the people. The ones pulling the strings are the Kings (hence the title K). Kings are people who possess supernatural powers whose origins were unknown, although the anime did try to explain, it was however, in vain as it didn’t even explain how the powers came to be. In this setting there are supposedly seven Kings although we are only introduced to five: The Golden King, The Silver King, The Blue King, The Red King and The Colorless King. Each King has his own set of powers and followers who are bestowed powers by the Kings and according to their respective colors, they all have a distinct personality. For example, the Red King and his followers were known to be violent and brash while the Blue King and his followers were known to be calm and tranquil even in the face of danger (something like that).

So, I shall now answer the question that is probably causing that severe itch all over your body (or maybe not). No, there are no Samurais in the storyline although there are an abundance of sword wielding characters in the anime but that’s not the point. And as to why I used the above title? Go watch the anime then find out. Hehe. (Trust me, you’re gonna love that part. And no, Yashiro is not a samurai.)

The plot although confusing at times, can be quite clever with the plot twists. The chemistry between the two main characters, Shiro (short for Yashiro) and Kuro (short for Kuroh Yatogami, real name of Kuro Inu) were quite entertaining and of course, provided most of the emotional base that would allow us to like and be attached to the (two) characters. And more importantly, the fight scenes were spectacular! In the opening song itself, spectacularly sung by Angela, we were already given a glimpse of the spectacle that we are about to watch in the duration of the anime. The prospect of having the Kings and subordinates with their different powers battle each other is mouth watering by itself. However, I must warn you: the anime lets us down at the most hyped up and final battle where we were expecting ‘KABOOM!’ but got a whimper instead.

So, to watch or not to watch, that is the question. Well, the anime is only 13 episodes long so it wouldn’t take too much of your time so why not? Although it may required some of your brain capacity to get and understand the plot entirely, you can also choose to screw the whole thing up and leave your brain at the door and just watch the anime and the characters burst into life. In addition to the awesome fight scenes, the anime also uses a wide range of bright colors not only in character design, but also in the scenery, ensuring that even if you don’t understand you will still be awed by the flurry of colors that bombards you when you watch it. And of course, there is also the two main characters who are a class act together and are entertaining just by themselves, easily stealing the limelight from the other characters.

So, that is that. To watch or not to watch, it is your choice. Don’t be too quick to judge the anime. I quote the former Colorless King, Miwa Ichigen: “Do not judge the cold without first knowing the warmth of the Sun.” But…if you don’t watch it, you may never know what I mean by Samurai Bumpkin!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

“Show some respect!”

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