Battle!! The fight for the throne of comedy anime!! Round one!

They say, l**ght*r makes the world go round. Or was that m*s*c that does that? Well, th*t’s wrong! G***ity is the *** doing that! Don’t ask ** how though ’cause I don’t give a t***g!
So then, back to the main topic, which comedy anime is the best? I watched the following comedy anime in the past week: Nisekoi, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. There’s also an underdog by the name of Seitokai Yakuindomo. So which is best? Which one will prevail in this slug out?? Let us find out!! (Not in any particular order)

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou~Yow! (Daily Lives of Highschool Boys)
As I was walking back from school, I noticed a hunched figure sitting on the swing, his head drooping, his eyes facing downwards. As I approached the figure, I realized it was actually my friend and classmate, Mitsuo-kun. I walked up to him and patted him on the back.
I remembered a rumour about him being ditched by his girlfriend. Figuring he was sad about the incident, I told him this: “Hey, dude. No need to mop around. It’s ok. Time will heal all wounds.”
Mitsuo shook his head and clutched his head in his hands.
Thinking he needed some time, I patted him one last time then went on my way. However, after 4 hours, when I was heading over to the convenience store, I passed by the playground and the same hunched figure sat on the swing, his hands still clutching his head.
Thinking that he would need a wake-up call, I acted as if I was angry and kicked him off the swing. I said loudly to him: “Hey, Mitsuo! I never thought you were so fickle! Stop mopping around and get on with life! It’s not even a big deal! Why worry about it?!!”
Mitsuo turned back and regarded me with cold, sad eyes. Then, he said: “You don’t understand! It IS a big deal! MY PARENTS FOUND MY PORN!
(5 seconds pause)
“DIE!!!!!!” (Punch!!!)
Well, I know I reviewed this anime quite recently before but for the sake of the article I am writing, I shall review it again.
Just in case you don’t already know, this anime revolves around the daily lives of highschool boys.
(Pause) (Wind blowing sound effect)
And sometimes girls.
(Pause) (Wind blowing sound effect)
That’s it. No plot, no hidden meaning, no nothing. That’s all to it.
So, you’re looking for plot heavy comedy anime or sophisticated jokes, I suggest you forget about this anime and just watch the Monogatari Series. ‘Cause there is no plot. If you’re looking for mainstream anime, watch something else. But if you want something special, bold, anti-mainstream and just plain silly, then watch this. I mean, nobody does anime like they do. Only they can make killing centipedes so epic and funny. Only they can make boys feel that wearing girls’ underwear sound fun. Only they can convince us that girls actually pull and wear their skirts chest high.
And cleverly, or rather simply chuck all this into one episode. The format to how the anime presents itself is different with a new arc (and jokes) every 2 minutes, which means hilarity every 2 minutes.
On a side note, the main character is Tadakuni, a high school boy.

However as the anime has shown that it just doesn’t give a damn about the main character even citing that he was too boring as a reason to decrease his screen time. They even teased Tadakuni for that! (Refer to picture below)

So, yeah, it’s not your average anime nor anime with your average humor. It’s just plain silly. Well, silly to the girls maybe, but us boys know just how perfectly normal this kind of stuff is. So, for girls who wants to get to know boys better, watch this. For boys (and some middle aged men) who wants to relive the days past, watch this. Even though I say the anime is reminiscent of our high school lifes, some are quite far-fetched. Like, I definitely don’t wear my sister’s underwear (not that I have one but still), nor do I play pranks that borders on the line of insanity (nor do I have the chance to). And I don’t think elder sisters will actually punch their little brothers.

(Wind blowing sound effect)
Na~I’m right…right?
(Wind blowing sound effect)
But anyway, this is basically a feel-good anime where you watch the silly antics of high school boys (and sometimes girls) and laugh it off despite the fact that you might have actually done something that stupid when you were young.
So, that’s that. There’s nothing more to say. If you like silly nonsense, watch it. If you like fantastic sitcoms, watch this. If you wanna see how your boyfriend was like when he was younger and immature, watch this.
And no, girls, wearing your skirts chest high and exposing your panties doesn’t increase your girl powers.
Score: 3.142x2xr
(What is this??!! The area of a circle?!!)
Actually, the score is actually 2/3x(3.142)xr^3
(What???!! Now it’s a volume of a sphere??!!!)
Hemisphere actually.
(What are you implying here…?)
I should be returning to review the remainder of the comedy in a day or two and also cone up with the conclusion of which is the best.
(Is that supposed to be a typo or something?)
This anime review is brought to you by the ketototototo following sponsors! Or is it?
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