Battle!! The fight for the throne of comedy anime!! Round two!


Yeah, yeah. I know you people have probably guessed that if it’s a battle for the throne of comedy anime, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is probably somewhere in the list. Anyway, if you’ve just join us, then welcome to the my very own little comedy anime marathon. Previously, I reviewed “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou” (Daily Lives of Highschool Boys) (refer to URL below : and thus today I’m gonna review Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

So, “TODAY I’M MAMIKO!” campaign begins!!!!(refer to picture below) jk

Anyway, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun revolves around a manga artist whose pen name is Yumeno Sakiko, whom everybody thinks that the artist is a girl because he/she is able to convey a girl’s true hidden feelings expressively through his manga and got rave reviews but in real life, is actually a tall, lanky guy who is as just about as expressive as a log named Umetaro Nozaki.
The story begins when a cute and bubbly girl by the name of Sakura Chiyo who has a crush on Nozaki tries to confess her feelings to him.

No-No-Nozaki-kun, I-I-I-- (Get on with it already!!!)
No-No-Nozaki-kun, I-I-I–
(Get on with it already!!!)

However she words it incorrectly and thus the log, erm, I mean, Nozaki misunderstands her meanings and through a twist of fate, she becomes Nozaki’s assistant in drawing his manga.
Throughout the first 6 episodes we are introduced to the many characters throughout the series. There’s the log, I mean, main protagonist and his stalker, erm, I mean, crusher, no, no, how do I word this…erm…lover (whatever).

There’s also Mamiko@Mikorin@Mikoto Mikoshiba who is the adorable and handsome (those two words rarely go together, don’t they) inspiration for Nozaki’s female protagonist (her name is the afore-mentioned Mamiko) in his manga (and you’d better believe it). Oh, he’s a guy. (Gasp!)


Also, in the other corner, there’s the crazy and hysterical Seo Yuzuki and has awesome strength during sports but zero teamwork who also sings like an angel which earned her the nickname Lorelei of the Glee Club (Google Lorelei and find the similarities) There’s the basketball star, Hirotoka Wakamatsu, who always goes head-to-head with Seo both on court and off court (literally). There’s also the chemistry between Yuu Kashima, the school prince who is a girl (don’t ask) and also Masayuki Hori, the president of the school drama club who is always after Kashima because she often playing truant during activities’ time (she is a prominent member of the school drama club). Together, they make the school’s best and funniest S.M. couple. (Refer to picture below.)This anime reminds me of Bakuman, but this is way better than Bakuman, mind you. The striking similarities between the two is that both of revolves around manga authors and situations involving manga drawing. Bakuman’s downfall was that it revolves too much around manga drawing so much so that the viewers who were not that interested in manga drawing in the first place gets left behind when the characters started spewing out manga drawing acronyms which pretty much bored the hell out of me. However, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun learnt their lesson and didn’t focus much on the manga-drawing stuff, so when the time comes when they absolutely had to talk about the manga drawing, the viewers weren’t bored to death. I even learnt quite a lot about manga drawing because they kept things as simple as possible and I wasn’t sleeping/snoring/daydreaming throughout the course of the anime.

It’s basically just pure joy to watch the chemistry between the different oddball characters and I’ll have to say that they really did a good job in polishing and tweaking the anime to perfection so much so that there are no flaws that I can actually talk about. The character development were perfect and evenly distributed and the minimal plot plays to the anime’s advantage as the case for all comedy anime.

It may be good however is it the best? In terms of commercial success, it is high up there with the comedy greats. Quite many people has heard of it and even in wordpress, people have been reviewing it continuously even though it was released quite a few months back. It has earned rave reviews and people are still praising it for it’s ingenuity.

However perfect it may be, I feel that it is lacking something: self-consciousness, or rather it is full of it. To achieve the perfect state it is in right now, it is inevitable that the anime became too self-aware of itself. Not that it is a bad thing, but it became self-aware thus took itself a tad bit seriously.

BUT, seriously, it’s just me bad-mouthing it. The anime is a way more fun anime than the multitudes of comedy anime out there. The premise itself is interesting and fresh, rather different from all those anime who makes use of stereotypes and milk it for all it’s worth. The character development is perfectly polished. The anime in itself is perfect. There’s nothing wrong with it and it’s perfectly funny. Therefore, it is a must-watch for all anime fans.

Come on, it’s funny, it has funny characters and it’s comedy anime. What’s not to love about this anime? Not to mention, the ending song actually sings about hentai manga.

(Just joking. I meant, the opening words to the songs sounds like ‘Ore hentai no,hentai no, hentai no hentai desu”.)

Anyway, I should be posting my next entry in the “Battle!! The fight for the throne of comedy anime!!” article series quite soon. Ja, mata!
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