Anime Music Ichiban!!其ノニチ! Part 2!

Phew! Let’s take a break from all that anime, shall we? Don’t worry though. I shall continue my ongoing article about comedy anime but for the time being, let’s listen to some soothing anime beforehand. Some BGM and acoustic music would be good so for today I’ll concentrate on the soothing music…So…relax and…don’t……Zzzz…

Pandora Heart’s OST everytime you kissed me

Kill la Kill OST Before my body is dry (Don’t lose your way) (nzk version) Mika Kobayashi

Guilty Crown OST Home in this corner (feat. Leina) Hiroyuki Sawano

Guilty Crown OST Bios-D Hiroyuki Sawano (feat. Mika Kobayashi)

Shuffle! ED Innocence-Hashimoto Miyuki

Nabari no Ou ED Hikari-Elisa

Air ED Tori no Uta – Lia

Naruto ED1 Wind – Akeboshi

Fairy Tail ED 9 Kono Te Nobashi Te-Hi-Fi CAMP

Enjoy! If you like any of these songs, I must remind you that I have much, much more from where that came from. Just visit my site and look for my page entitled: Music Archive on the top left corner of the home page or click on this link :

I have tons of good (anime) music and am constantly on the lookout for more so if you have some that I don’t have, just send me a comment.

Ja, mata!


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