Final Battle!! The fight for the throne of comedy anime!!

Finally, my comedy marathon has finally come to an end, and I want to end with a bang. So, I decided that I would do the review on Nisekoi last. Originally I was about to review the Nisekoi anime the first thing in conjunction with the 150th issue of the Nisekoi manga but then…I couldn’t finish the Nisekoi anime in time so, I’ll let it pass a week before I do it. So, well…Here I am! Nisekoi,here I come!!!



Nisekoi is one of the first manga I’ve started reading. Back then, it was still fresh and funny thus I had an absolute great first impression. I loved it, I read it during my tuition, I read it during school and I read it even though I definitely have more important stuff to do like exams and whatnots. And during that period of time, I was grinning idiotically all the time while reading the manga on my phone. I really enjoyed it. So it’s probably because of my past experience, that I’ve cranked up the level so high that the anime has become faultier than fault plates of the Earth in my eyes. So, I can’t say for real whether my review is as accurate as it should be…

Anyway, this anime is all about clíches. There’s the clíched romantic plot about how a boy during his childhood years made a promise with a certain girl. Then after 10 years, they met, not recognizing each other and not knowing that they met and made the above said promise when they were a child. And the story goes like Yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda. There you have it, the typical boy-meets-girl plot.

But the characters…are whoa!!! Normally, the main female character is a shy and sweet girl rite? “No!!! Screw that,” Nisekoi said. “I shall destroy all these stereotypes with my bare hands!!!” And thus, the main female character is born, Kirisaki Chitoge. And her nickname is “Gorilla”. Go figure.

Normally, you think that the male protagonist would be a handsome guy with bewitching eyes that would remind you of a certain sparkling-in-the-sun vampire but no! Nisekoi proclaimed to the world: “I hate the world as it is!!!!!!Die, you fucking bishonens!!!!DIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!” And thus, the male protagonist is born, Raku Ichijo. And his nickname is “Beansprout”. Oh, the girls are gonna be SO mad.


Add the multiple oddball characters used to counter the stereotypes you see in shoujo manga and add ridiculous but fascinating setting and you have Nisekoi.

Odd but fun. It probably is the brainchild of someone who hated shoujo manga with a passion and decided to make a joke out of it just for fun. And the joke turned out to be surprisingly popular so they made it into an anime.

I love how the author purposely pits these different characters together and force them to fall in love. Even though the plot was seemingly scripted, the plot was not at all clanky and it was full of surprises. Not to mention that it was unapologetic in making the manga so anti-mainstream that it became fun.

However, that is the manga. As for the anime, it seemed like it lost quite many elements from the manga. Even though the plot was roughly the same, however, I can’t feel the same vibe coming from the anime. It wasn’t as naughty as it should be and due to deliberately scripted plot, the plot seemed so clíched that I could not continue watching it at times which wasn’t a problem in the manga.


As opposed to the manga which was supposed to be anti-shoujo and anti-mainstream, the producer of the anime seems content with it being a…let’s see…another mainstream genre: Harem. Soon, the seemingly charming characters become shrieky, high school girls that blushed at the slightest bit of breeze.

Now, Nisekoi has become the standard entry of ‘pure harem anime’ where the plot revolves only around a group of clingy girl characters chasing a particular dense male lead for the stupidest reasons ever and nothing else. But…who ever said that’s a bad thing, right?

If I were a harem lover, Nisekoi will be a must-watch. I mean, what’s better than a pure harem anime which has a whole load of girl characters with different personalities with no plot whatsoever to distract you? Plus…THERE’S THE MOST ADORABLE GIRL CHARACTER IN THE WHOLE OF THE ANIME REALM, ONODERA KOSAKI!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!Raku Ichijo, I shall not let you get your dirty, filthy hands all over you!!!!!!!!!!!!GET OFFA HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But if you’re a harem hater, well, you’ve have probably stopped somewhere in the third paragraph or something. So, there’s no doubt that anyone who hates harem anime won’t watch this because this IS a HAREM anime. So, it would be pointless telling anyone that this isn’t a harem anime so forget it. But anyone should read the manga since the manga didn’t quite start out as a harem manga but what the heck, no harem haters are here so who am I talking to?

And oh, on a side note, there may not be any form of plot to distract you from the onslaught of the harem comedy but don’t worry, there’s plenty of fan service to just that. Just don’t expect nud….hold on, I think there is nudity!!! Curses!!!!!


As a conclusion, I would like to conclude that Nisekoi manga is a great manga. In my humble opinion, it is a splendid manga that succeeded in squeezing as much fun out of the stereotypes in the anime world today. As for the anime, I think it succeeded in creating a pure form of harem anime but failed in capturing and the translating the essence of the original work manga into an anime. But nonetheless, it’s an interesting harem anime. So, as per usual, watch this. It may surprise you.

And this concludes my comedy anime marathon. My favourite comedy anime is of course, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou with Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun coming in as a close second. Seitokai Yakuindomo came in as third.

But what are yours? What say you? Do you agree with me or not? I’ll be coming up with a little poll to know which comedy anime is the world’s favourite. So, do let me know which are yours? After all, America is a democratic country. I’m not an American but hey, who gives?

Anyway, feel free to comment on my post and let me know what you think or let me know what anime you would like reviewed. If you liked this post, please support by visiting my site at
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