Anime I have watched so far this year…

Truthfully, I have only started watching anime early this year so the amount of anime I watched is incomparable to all you anime fans out there. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all you people that are actually reading my blog. It feels like I’m the kouhai here, but is actually writing about anime. However inexperienced I am, I hope that you people out there will tolerate me and continue to support me. (And my real life friends don’t know that I am writing a blog so I’m actually quite lonely here in the Net. So don’t bully me. Haha.)

Anyway, in case you don’t already know, my name is Daniel See and I opened this WordPress account only early this month. Since then I have reviewed some anime and done some crazy shit with my WordPress account. (Not really.) I have reviewed anime such as K Project, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, GTO, Bakemonogatari & Nisemonogatari. I also had short stint where I drew comparisons between Kuruko no Basuke and Slam Dunk. I also did a little contest between the best comedy anime I’ve watched so far (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Seitokai Yakuindomo and Nisekoi).

So what have I finished?

ANIME (According to timeline)

Kuruko no Basuke (Season 1 & Season 2)


Albeit having ridiculously super-powered moves and even more ridiculous plot twists, KnB never failed to provide us with spectacular action and a fast-paced plot that enthralled all anime fans, sports lovers and geeks alike. The anime was great and the openings and endings (especially the first OP of the second season, The Other Self by GRANRODEO) provided the perfect finishing to the anime series. Wonderful.

Sword Art Online Season 1


An average anime with an average plot. The only thing that got me watching it is the chemistry between the lovey-dovey couple, Kirito and Asuna. Then they had to drown it out with a harem. Huh. Though, I got to say the fight scenes were a little short of greatness (which is better than ‘good’) and the soundtrack was awesome (especially the openings by LiSA and Aoi Eiru). But honestly, I doubt it could get any better with the second season. I watched the first few episodes and feel like it’s seriously boring. With a capital and bolded ‘B’. I mean, you had to talk about nonsensical bullshit for 8 fucking minutes in the very first episode, didn’t you?

Bakemonogatari & Nisemonogatari


Seriously, this is the most mind-blowing fuck that I have ever watched. The best, I should add. The chemistry between the oddballs characters and the pull-no-punches kind of presentation was definitely the biggest culture shock I’ve ever had. Not your typical anime, yes, but enjoyable. Very.



Another dysfunctional, oddball anime. Yup, I watched it. The unique kind of plot presentation and usage of flashbacks were definitely one-of-a-kind. Plus, the characters themselves seem to having so much fun that I couldn’t help it but join in as well. If there’s one word that I can use to describe this anime, it’s “FUN”. I love it.

Highschool of the Dead


Not your typical harem-action anime. Yeah, right. It’s every bit the stereotypical zombie anime with stupid, groaning zombies and a dashing, heroic main male protagonist. With an anime twist. The guy is surrounded by the typical anime harem consisting of the childhood friend, the senpai-ass-kicker, the tsudere, the loli and the watermelons (You’ll know if you’ve watched this). Hehe. Unapologetic fan-service and a ridiculously programmed physics engine makes this anime one that you should leave your brains at the door when you watch it. Seriously, the boobs have brains of their own. I mean, they can fucking DODGE BULLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No shit.

Nekomonogatari Kuro & Monogatari Second Season


Well, Nekomonogatari was a little tad boring ’cause it just elaborated on what happened in Golden Week when Black Hanekawa appeared. No new characters were introduced and it was all talk as per usual, but somehow the jokes just didn’t go so well without the rest of the gang. Sigh~And as for Monogatari Second Season, it was a lot less interesting as the first season. Araragi has just established himself as the world’s biggest lolicon, siscon and hentai pervert in the universe and Senjougahara became friends with Hanekawa!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, that’s serious things have become. Anyway, unlike it’s predecessors Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari, Monogatari Second Season is now more plot-based, which means there is less bullshit and more straight-to-the-point, which makes it less stand out, provided that the plot isn’t exactly the main star of the anime. But anyway, fans of Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari will watch this. For those who are new to this anime series, just watch the first season first. (Get it? First season first?? Hmm??)

Clannad & Clannad Afterstory


Did you know that Clannad originated from a adult visual novel? Not sure what that meant but I’m pretty sure that the “adult” part must mean something, right? So, with the anime Clannad, they decided to please the adult fans and follows the story and elaborated on the characters’ (Read: Girls) backstories. Clannad was a good anime with good humour but weak plot provided that the producers probably only had the adults in mind, leaving the rest of us ‘kids’ to fuck ourselves with the plot. But the Clannad fanbase grew bigger. So they decided to make Clannad Afterstory as a continuation of the story and the BIGGEST CRYFEST IN ANIME. So, Clannad? Good but not memorable. Clannad Afterstory? You won’t forget the tears you cried for an anime. Not that I’ve cried watching this. Really. Honestly. Well, maybe tears welled in my eyes but they didn’t fall and I didn’t rub them away so…I guess that’s not crying, right? Right?

Great Teacher Onizuka


Lol madness. A crazy teacher with a fetish for highschool girls teaches a class full of delinquents. Wait, haven’t I heard of this plot before somewhere? Yes, you did! Congratulations! You’ve found the mother of all crazy-teacher-teaches-a-crazy teacher, the ancestor of that genre. Although it may sound stereotypical but what the heck, apparently it wasn’t back then. The humour is just crazy and the characters added together are a ticking timebomb, however if you ask me, the humour wasn’t exactly very original (it all revolved around highschool kids or middle aged men, and there were better anime with and it all ran on the line between humour and plain awkwardness. The anime may be classic, but ain’t exactly the best comedy anime there is to offer.

Fate Stay/Night (I apologise to all Fate Stay/Night fans but I’m gonna pan it on my blog. Sorry. Don’t read this if you’re a huge fan)

Fate - Stay Night

I spent 5 months watching all 24 episodes of this anime, and the only thing that kept me going was Fate/Zero and self-perseverance. Honestly, even I did not know how on earth did I do it. It’s retarded, it’s stupid and the whole thing just sucks. The main character, Emiya Shirou is a whiner and crybaby that just gets in the way, the course of actions of the Masters in the series is just illogical and the plot is just plain stupid. Like, “We’re gonna increase your magical essence or something, so let’s kiss and hug each other on a bed.” Like what???? Seriously, you cannot expect me to believe people who’ve said they’ve watched this anime like, say 10 times before. I mean, I struggled through the first time, why on earth would I want to watch it the second time? The only saving grace was Saber but even she got involved in the mind-boggling madness. And I thought that she was supposed to snap Shirou out of it!!! Ugh!!!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


I’ve watched Fullmetal Alchemist before as a kid, and one thing I must say is FMA:B is definitely superior compared to the original FMA, in terms of soundtrack, plot, character development and content maturity. And the ending is definitely much better than the original. Honestly, I won’t say much ’cause you’ve read this before somewhere on the line. So… Next!

Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin (Nanana’s Buried Treasure)


Funny, intriguing and definitely one of the most underrated anime series of the year. And when I tell people about it, they look at me as if I’ve gone mad. Sigh, what a waste. I loved it. I loved the character development, the plot and the premise of the story. Although it might not be the most original, but in terms of presentation, it was quite good. Enjoyable, but the name’s too long. Not to mention, cheesy. Sigh~For the want of a name, the anime is lost…And the drawings were…terrific!!!!!!Awesome!!! I especially love the eyes!!!!!

No Game, No Life


Possibly the most overrated anime series of 2014. I had to spend the entire March, April and May, listening to people singing it’s praises all the way to December. Even now, I still hear people tell me how awesome No Game, No Life is. Well, it’s not as if it’s terrible or something, but it ain’t exactly Oscars fodder. Just saying. The color palette range is quite vast however this is not exactly the first anime to use different colors to illuminate it’s settings and background. The plot is quite interesting but it isn’t exactly the most original and intriguing not to mention the elaboration of the sub arcs suffer from over-complexity. The characters were good and quite funny but not exactly the funniest. It may be good, but it isn’t great. I, for one, won’t put it in my top 10 anime list. But I must say the anime opening, this game by Suzuki Konomi is splendid. Well, just saying.

The Legend of Korra Book 1 & Book 2



Officially, I hate the so-called “anime fans” when all they’ve watched is Avatar: The Last Airbender or Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Then, they’ll act all holey-foley, proclaiming to the world that they are anime fans. Seriously, I wouldn’t call Avatar a real anime. I mean, it’s not even Japanese, for goodness sake! Just because it’s art style resembles that of a Japanese anime, doesn’t exactly make it an anime, ok? On a side note, despite hating such people, I don’t hate the series. None of the characters are particularly very memorable but the humour was. Kinda. Well, who would forget the catchphrase :”The platypus-bear is pooping money!!!!!!” Not to mention that the action sequences were impressive. Despite it being genuinely American, it was kinda entertaining and deserves your attention. Though I would like to clarify: This is not a real Japanese anime!!!!!!!!!!

Attack on Titan

attack on titan

Yes, I’ve watched it but since I’ve watched it quite late into the year, I was kinda spoilt about many things like how badass Levi is and so on. (I’ll spare you the details to prevent you from being spoilt as well) All because I had to ask the stupid question: “Who’s Annie?” Maybe because of that, I didn’t exactly enjoyed the anime very much and at the end of the anime, I was left with heaps of corpses and no answer. I mean, it seems like the people from the Army Corps are unlimited or something ’cause no matter how many people die, the ranks don’t seem to decrease. Not only that, the closure is terrible and I can see no end to this anime. Really, how long is this going to take? And I heard from people reading the manga that Levi has died. Oops. How is Mikasa going to handle the situation alone? I think by the time this anime end, everyone excluding Eren is going to die. But one thing I must say, the animation was terrific. I mean, the action scenes where the cannon fodder…erm…I mean, humans fly around like medieval Spider-men and women were absolutely stunning. So is the blood splattering all over the place. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Guilty Crown


Everything from the character development to the plot, is creepy. Totally hideous. I watched it for Inori, the pink-haired girl, the lead singer of Egoist. And she ****. ****. And to think I watched all 24 episodes of this **** to watch her ****. ****. Anyway, if you’re new to anime, watch this. Because you’ll probably just ignore all the hideous parts and watch it for the action and Shu-Inori romance. But for us anime fans, sorry, go fly kite.

Arppegio of Blue Steel (ARS Nova)


If all the ships in the world have Mental Models wouldn’t that be great? Like, the captain of the ships would be so happy. Just saying. The anime revolving around futuristic ships and submarines and a young man’s quest to save the world. As per usual. This anime is quite entertaining. The highlight of this anime is the great underwater action scenes. Despite the limited weapons variety (corrosive tornadoes and ultra gravitron cannon), the show manages to impress us with the fast-paced action sequences and strategic set-pieces. The characters themselves are all really entertaining, I mean, most of the characters are A.I of the ships in the show as such, they’re ships, not human beings. The underlying theme of the anime series revolves around the ships thus they easily stole the limelight from their human counterparts. The only thing I want to complain about is the rigid, 3D-based animation of the humans which makes them look plastic-ky. But what the heck, Takao’s booty looks fabulous whether it’s plastic or otherwise. Just saying.

K project


The genre of this show is ‘shoujo’ but I think this is all ‘shonen’ to me. This show reminds me of a certain ‘Durarara!’ in terms of it’s dimension-jumping presentation of the plot and the wacko characters. The only thing that this anime lacks is a clear explanation to what on earth is actually happening. But heck, they do make up by giving us the ‘Shiro-Kuro’ chemistry, which is the chemistry between the two main characters. All in all, the anime is entertaining and you should watch this.

Slam Dunk


It’s Slam Dunk. What do you expect from a legendary sports anime? ‘Nuf said.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


Yup, it’s a comedy anime and I’ve reviewed it. Please read my review. I’m too tired to write it again.

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou


Read here.

Seitokai Yakuindomo

Read here. Again.

Akame ga Kill


Finally, we’ve reached the winter 2014 release. Phew~ Finally. Anyway, Akame ga Kill is a mediocre anime that tried to make it as big as possible. And well, it succeeded. Almost. The plot wasn’t exactly original but the presentation of the plot was definitely unorthodox. And the gamble paid off. I love the way the anime pits two different sides that are almost equally powerful and have them fight each other. Not to mention the fact that the enemy, the so-called opposing side were just about as, even more lovable than the good side. And the so-called antagonist, General Esdeath, hmhm, I love her. Seriously. Way more than I love Akame. Shit, I don’t even know why Tatsumi chose **** over **** when ***** is just the standard ****. Like what the hell. And they had to **** ******** and  *******. Why??????!!!!!!!!! Honestly, I kinda feel that the producers are trying to squeeze the most shock value out of the anime. I’m not going to condemn them for that but some might. In a nutshell, this anime is DEFINITELY NOT your average anime but I wouldn’t go so far to call it the best or second best or anything like that. But hey, it’s enjoyable. Go watch it. Don’t bother with all those people telling you that Akame ga Kill is just average or stereotypical or boring because it is definitely NOT any of the above.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis


Now, THIS is your normal harem/ecchi/fantasy anime. The only thing that stands out is the animation of the boobs. Shiny and bouncy. And humougous. And everything else is dull and grey to make the boobs stand out more. Now, that’s normal.



Hey, our favorite tomboy/pervert/homosexual girl in Hanamonogatari has returned! However, she’s lost her ecchi-ness. Now, she’s become a normal hormonal teenager with trust issues and hormonal issues. Now it’s just plain boring. Sigh~ please let Tsukimonogatari be more interesting…


Anyway, this is it. The number of anime I’ve watched this year (not inclusive of long running anime, like Bleach, Naruto). Not much, I know but hey, what the heck, my job isn’t to watch anime. So whatever.

Anyway, feel free to comment on my post and let me know what you think or let me know what anime you would like reviewed. If you liked this post, please support by visiting my site at

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