Akame ga Kill Review


Akame ga Kill revolves around a country boy who came from his village to the capital to earn some money to support his poverty-stricken village. Oh, yeah, before I forget, he came to the capital with his two best friends. And their only lines (flashbacks not included) were “Kill that bitch.” and “She didn’t give in to that sicko.” and “The heroic Ieyasu will now make his cool exit.” Stuff like that. Now, apply that to big picture. In almost every shonen, shoujo, even seinen anime, the main protagonist’s stereotypical best friend is supposed to help and accompany the main protagonist through his journey to fame/stardom/gaining more power/riches. Not mumble three lines then die.

akame 2

On the other hand, the childhood friend in the standard anime are supposed to be a part of harem/love interest of the main protagonist. Not get tortured to death in first episode itself. Yes, I said ‘tortured’. And not even have a single line in the entire anime (flashbacks not included).


Enter Akame ga Kill, a new generation of anime where the trend is to register the highest shock value as possible. The trend, first started with Guilty Crown, (spoiler alert!!) where they killed off one of the main character’s love interest. And although the anime itself wasn’t exactly making much sense, but when they decided to kill off that character in a heroic way, that particular character instantly became memorable for the way she sacrificed herself for the main protagonist. And the way the character died slowly but surely helped in registering the shock required to jolt us awake when we were practically nodding off. Like fuck.

guilty crown

We also had the extreme harem-ized ‘School Days’. The ending became an urban legend online. Like I mean, which anime (spoiler alert!!) kills off the main protagonist by having the main love interest of the guy kill him and the rest of the harem with a kitchen knife (He deserved it, by the way)? That ending alone brought ‘yandere’ to a whole new dimension. Shocking indeed. Like fuck.


Then we have the phenomenal Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) that kills off the characters like flies. Literally. Imagine when you are attacked by flies with tiny razors, what will you do? Slap, kick, stomp, punch them for being irritating then eat them alive or bite off their head.

attack-on-titan 2

Ok, maybe not the last one but you get the picture. And the way they decided to kill off the characters in Episode 21 was shocking. I won’t say who because the characters weren’t even introduced until the middle of the plot. But the deaths were shocking nonetheless. Like fuck.

I foresee this particular trend not slowing down any time soon and it may even spread to the ongoing anime series. Fancy Onodera from ‘Nisekoi’ killing off the ridiculously dense Raku with a screwdriver? Now that will be a SHOCKING ending indeed. Like fuck.


Anyway, back to Akame ga Kill. The way the main protagonist’s friends died, it was supposed to give viewers a hint of the carnage about to happen but we never actually got the hint. And everything was jolly and merry until the 6th episode. Then subsequently, the seventh episode. Then, we got the hint. We realized this ain’t exactly One Piece, where no one dies despite the overpowering enemies they face. But… wait for it… even the ************** died in the 23rd episode. And it’s not even the final episode. Like fuck.

But anyway, don’t bother with condemning Akame ga Kill for that, or saying that it’s a horrible anime. You really have to give it to the director and writers for actually managing to transform a mediocre and stereotypical story into a memorable anime. I mean, if it wasn’t for the killings, I don’t think I’ll even remember this anime. Oh, don’t forget General Esdeath. The most memorable antagonist who was remembered not for her villainy but for her antics. The fact that there were so many fanfics about her says it all.


Anyway, I would recommend Akame ga Kill to anybody but don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean to say that it was perfect in it’s execution of the anime. The plot was all over the place and the underlying theme was changing every 3-4 episodes, from ‘the social depression in the Capital’ to ‘friendship’ to ‘fragility of life’. And these themes were just a few of the themes in the series. And I have to say that the titular character, Akame, wasn’t exactly very memorable and that actually made me side with the antagonist’s side. And having the antagonist so lovable didn’t help.

But was the anime enjoyable? Check. Memorable? Check. I mean, I could finish this anime series in three days which says a lot about this anime. But make no mistake, the cheery days of slice-of-life anime such as ‘Fruit Basket’ and ‘School Rumble’ and happy-go-lucky anime like ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Nodame Cantabile’ are coming to an end. The dark days in anime are upon us and no matter whether you like it or not, the rain will fall and the clouds will block out the sun. We anime fans will just have to sit out the impending storm but till then, the onslaught of this new generation anime will strike. So, bar your doors and lock yourselves in your room, for the ZOMBIES ARE OUT!


(Highschool of the Dead with the absurd boob twitching comes to mind)


Till the next post, fuck all.

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Thanks for your time and have a Happy New Year!!


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