Noragami Review

Noragami 5

Recently, I came across one of my friends who didn’t watch a lot of anime but already he was claiming that he had watched one of the best anime on Earth. And when I asked him which one did he watch, he told me “SAO Season 2”. Well, us anime fans would know what to reply in such an situation, (like smirking and telling him or guffawing away at him for being a crybaby and idiot) but as I was replying him in a totally sarcastic tone, I saw his grin started to turn into a frown. Then, I realized I was making a mistake. Just like how some of us would smirk at people who claim to love Korean dramas, we dislike those who do the same at us and our beloved anime. Now if we were to do that to people for their choices of anime, they may get pissed off and especially if they aren’t exactly hardcore anime fans, quit anime altogether. How then are we supposed to introduce them to our favourite anime? So my New Year’s Resolution is not to smirk at people even if they said that their favourite anime is Guilty Crown. And try not to pan any anime even if they’re Fate Stay Night. Spread the peace, not the hate!

Anyway, quite a lot of people complain about not understanding anime plot and some even go to the extent to defile and categorize some anime that they don’t understand as bad anime. (For that matter, I’m not refering to anyone in particular, but if you fit the bill…Haha! Gotcha!) Which is, in my opinion, is wrong and iiresponsible. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions but panning an anime just because you don’t understand it is just wrong. To quote from a great many anime: “Don’t force your ideals upon someone else!”

And Noragami is one of the above said anime, a great deal of people, even us anime fans tend not to give a second glance simply because we are not familiar with the setting. Or simply because the name was a little funny, like Bakemonogatari, Baccanno and Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin.

Noragami revolves around a god entity named Yato, who unlike the other gods in Japanese Noragami 3culture, is not a famous god and thus does not have a shrine dedicated to him, thus homeless. His appearance doesn’t exactly resembles anything of a God too, wearing a black sweater and what he would call a “fluffy-fluff” scarf. He’s also obnoxious, idiotic and most importantly, a jerk. In short, a terrible person, or rather, god.

Since he’s a homeless god, his dream is to build a shrine dedicated for himself so he does jobs for 5 yen, like killing evil spirits, known as Phantom. But since he couldn’t get that many jobs, he ended up doing odd jobs like scrubbing the toilet and taking up part-time jobs. For 5 yen. Seriously, how long is he gonna take?

Noragami 1 Noragami 7

Anyway, when he was doing a part time job which involves him searching for a cat named “Ue-sama” (Milord), he runs across a road where he nearly got hit by a bus but was pushed out of the way by a highschool girl named Hiyori Iki but that resulted in her being hit by the bus instead. As a result of the accident, her soul was separated from her body and despite being returned to her body, still experiences being separated from her body from time to time. She then enlists Yato’s help to solve that problem of hers (not to mention he was the cause of the problem). And then, they embarked on a journey together where they met other gods while killing Phantoms.

In the beginning of the series, it may look like the anime is a light-hearted action serieNoragami 6s with the error-prone Yato spewing jokes all over the place and awesome action scenes involving Yato killing Phantoms or fighting other gods with his Shinki (a god’s weapon derived from uncorrupted spirits) but later on in the series, it started taking on dark and larger-than-life issues like the sinful nature of mankind and exorcising one’s demons. Not to mention, Yato himself hides a dark and twisted past and once made allegiances with the mysterious rogue Shinki, Nora.

In conclusion, this anime is quite brilliant and people who watch and love more mainstream anime, like ‘The Devil is a Part-timer’ and ‘Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun’ would love this anime as well. However, it wasn’t given the attention it deserved simply because it was all Japanese influence and no Western references. And it didn’t exactly explain and elaborated much on the Japanese setting which it was set in. Just because of that.

I mean, it was definitely a great anime, almost on par with fan favourites like Durarara and Bakemonogatari but totally underrated. Noragami had it all, humour, awesome act and colour (notice the fusion of art of Bakemonoagatari, K Project and Durarara), great plot, memorable characters, even romance! It lacked only attention and publicity from the public.

So, I guess the lesson for all of us today is “don’t judge an anime by it’s complexity”. I’m not a Japanese, but I enjoyed this anime nonetheless. So you should too.

One of my favourite jokes from Noragami:

Yato: What’s the difference between butter and margarine?

Yukine: “It’s ingredients?”

Yato: “Haha!! Stupid, the only difference is the name!!”

Yukine: “He’s totally obnoxious…”

Hiyori: “Hang in there, Yukine-kun!”

I shall close with a Noragami quote. “You shouldn’t leave your hair wet and drippy, Veena. You will catch a cold.”

Rebuttal: (Is that supposed to have a hidden meaning??!!!)

Until my next post, Ciaossu!

Anyway, feel free to comment on my blog to let me in on what you guys think on the topic or to give me feedback. You can also read more of me by visiting me on my blog site,

Thanks for your time and have a happy new year!


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