Tsukimonogatari Review – The Death of the ‘Shaft’ Pose


The Monogatari Series has undergo a series of changes ever since it’s inception into the realm of anime and it’s appearance into us anime fans’ lives. Starting with Bakemonogatari, whose brand of story-telling that captivated the hearts and mind of millions of anime fans with a minimalist plot. They brought the most lovable characters in the world of anime to life through unorthodox artstyles and crap talking, and of course made the Shaft pose famous all around the world. Then, we had Nisemonogatari, the anime that builds on the existing universe built by it’s predecessor which reinvented itself by evolving it’s plot adding onto the minimalist plot and building the momentum all the while developing new and existing characters Not to mention still adding more crap talk to it’s already gigantic heap of bullshitting.

However, starting from Nekomonogatari (Kuro), the Monogatari Series took a step downwards by actually cutting out a big part of what we loved about Monogatari Series, the crap talk (the good parts too). Instead, in a bid to reinvent itself, it brought us a totally boring and plot-orientated form of story telling, not to mention it was just recycling and dramatising stuff we already know. With Monogatari Second Season, it decided to experiment again, this time, by adding an element of mystery and darkness into the series. Not only that, it also showed us that it was not afraid to getting  rid of one of its beloved characters, which personally got me rubbed in the wrong way. But of course, it couldn’t rediscover the magic that made Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari famous in the first place, or rather it lost the magic when it tried too hard too reinvent itself. It has it’s share of highs and lows but seriously, when I watched Monogatari Second Season, I thought that it’s about time Monogatari Series retire. Don’t get me wrong, I may be a fan but it is even more so that I don’t want to see the anime I loved struggle till the very end. I don’t want to forget what I loved about the series.

However, unlike other anime that tried to rediscover itself through it’s pre-death struggle to stay alive, the producers did well to actually turn the tide and succeeded in reinventing itself in Tsukimonogatari. It’s effort to do so is evident throughout Tsukimonogatari even in the dialogue. (Refer picture below. Go figure.)

Tsukimonogatari 6

The events of Tsukimonogatari takes place in the day before Valentine’s Day, a month before the college entrance exams. Araragi Koyomi, the main protagonist of the series, is per usual messing around with his friends and sisters. Half-naked, I might add. Ok, completely naked. In the bath too. Of course things went a little nasty when he realizes something is wrong when he looks into the mirror…His dick. Has. SHRUNK!!!!!

Ok, maybe not. But anyway because of that incident, he began to search for answers and looked to Kagenui Yozuru, a specialist in hunting down immortal supernatural beings, who then with the help of Ononoki Yotsugi, a corpse resurrected by the latter, began on a quest for answers. Which means more mind-blowing madness that is Ononoki Yotsugi, I said with a posed look.

Tsukimonogatari 4 Tsukimonogatari 3

But, the main focus wasn’t on the ‘Kai’ known as Ononoki Yotsugi, it was on the plot. The way that it was revealed that Araragi and the others may actually be puppets on strings like Tadatsuri Teori, controlled by someone really makes me shiver. I mean, who is it? Is it Oshino Ougi, the bisexual teenager who is supposedly Oshino Meme’s niece?

Tsukimonogatari 2

Or is it someone higher up? And where does the other specialists like Kaiki stand? And where on Earth is Oshino? As the questions begin to pile up higher and higher, the series begins to reveal the answers one by one…

If there is one thing I must say about the series as a whole, it’s praise and only praise alone, I said with a posed look. The fact that it could actually make me look forward to more and inject freshness into the Monogatari franchise really astounds me. I mean, no long-running anime has ever succeeded nor tried in transitioning itself from a totally character based story to one that is plot-based. And there we have the Monogatari series which did just that. The way old and new characters began to weave a web of lies, half-truths and espionage half-way through the story is really amazing. Although I must say the transition wasn’t really smooth and all, but what the heck, it made it through, still in one piece! That has got to be something, right?

In other words, Tsukimonogatari is a proof that the Monogatari Series still has some fight in it left and as the series sprints towards the explosive conclusion, Tsukimonogatari is one of the prominent stepping stones in turning the tide around by giving us more of what we loved and at the same time, transforming into something else that is equally lovable. It’s like watching the egg hatch into a caterpillar, then enveloping itself in a cocoon then finally after breaking out of the bondages of the cocoon, becoming into a butterfly. However, what happens next? Does the butterfly succeed in breaking out of its shell and flying out? Or will  it fail and fall to the ground, wings wrinkled and broken? No matter what the outcome may be, for now, the seas are smooth and the rowdy days of Araragi and Co. continues but for how long?

Tsukimonogatari 5

But one thing is for certain, there is a storm coming. But till it comes, till it ends, let us all toast to the Monogatari franchise. Cheers!!

And by the way, Tsukimonogatari has one of the most memorable Senjougahara since Bakemonogatari Episode 12. Really, Koyokoyo! AAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tsukimonogatari 1



Until the next time, let me close with one of the Monogatari phrases that come to mind:

“Now it’s time for this little monster to retire.” Nisemonogatari Episode 11


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Thank you for your time and I wish you happy anime-hunting!


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