Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen – Review

The Anime Series I finished during lunch hour! Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen!!

Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen is a short anime series with 13 episodes, each about 2-3 minutes long, which the total running time is about 30 minutes, which is, of course, inclusive of the opening song, which comprises of a series of infectious drum beats and the words : ‘Go Fight!’

The series is based on a long running game series which dates back to about 20 years ago. Or was that 30? I don’t know but I don’t care as well. The name of the game is also unknown, to me at least. ‘Is the series about a quest that the main character, the hero takes?’ You may ask. You may also think that it’s something that the viewer wouldn’t enjoy unless he/she actually played the game before.

In that case…

Minna Atsumare 1

Well, YOU’RE WRONG!!!!!

See that creature above these words? What is it pointing at? The words ‘GO FUCK!!!!’

Eh? That’s wrong? Oh, it’s ‘GO FIGHT!!!

Yup, as you can see, I’m not exactly taking this review very seriously, and that’s actually for a reason, and that reason is…


aNYWAY, THE SERIES revolves around a particular group of game characters from some game who ended up stranded somewhere, whichh is actually somewhere somewhere. See what I did there? Huh? HUH???

The characters are the main protagonist of the game series, Adol something something. The guy with the red hair below. Apparently, being transported and stranded in somewhere somewhere, the characters’ personality got distorted. And thus, poor Adol got a brain transplant in which the brain he got was from a complete retard. And thus, he began to think…(refer below)

Minna Atsumare 2Minna Atsumare 7

Joshua-kun (refer below) got much worse. He got a brain transplant from a maid, and the result? (Refer below)

Minna Atsumare 3Minna Atsumare 8

Now it’s up to the furball you saw above pointing at the words ‘Go Fuck’ and Cat Ears-san (Sorry, I don’t remember the name, refer below.) save the multitudes of game characters who strayed from the path. How? By hiring former Dark-Lord-san (It’s his real name, refer below), former antagonist of the game series to be a teacher to re-educate the characters.

Minna Atsumare 4Minna Atsumare 6


Oh, and build a school for the characters, named Falcom Gakuen. And arrest anybody who strips all over the place, except for kids, ’cause apparently there is no need for…(Refer below)

Minna Atsumare 11

As you can see, this anime doesn’t even takes itself seriously, in the way it describes and presents it’s beloved characters so if you think you won’t enjoy the series just because you don’t play the game, you’re wrong. But some of the jokes will only make sense if you played some form of RPG before. For that matter, Pokemon would suffice. And since it’s so short that the words in this review are probably more than all the lines in the series put together, you can even finish it during lunch hour and still have your lunch. That’s what I did, and trust me, you won’t stop until you’ve finished. Trust me, I didn’t.

Anyway, until the next post, I bid thee farewell… Hold it, I feel like I missing something here…What is it? Oh , wait, I know!!


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Go Fight!!!


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