Top 20 Favourite Anime In Descending Order! Part 1!

It’s already been a month since I started as an anime blogger, so I think it’s time that I started to establish my very own Top 20 Anime List! Enjoy!


It’s already been a month since I started as an anime blogger, so I think it’s time that I started to establish my very own Top 20 Anime List! Enjoy!

  1. Sword Art Online First Season(2012)



SAO is a very mainstream anime series. SAO is set in a near future where virtual reality have been commercialized and made into a form of gaming known as Virtual MMORPG (VMMORPG). The series is set during the time when the first VMMORPG game, Sword Art Online is released. A teenager who goes by the gaming name, Kirito, who is also a beta tester of the game enters the game, eager to defeat the game. However, as things turn out, the players are not able to log out of the game and the game turns into a terrifying game of life and death where the players have to defeat all 100 levels of the game in order to escape the game. Although SAO’s (the anime) plot is quite stereotypical and predictable and the setting not exactly very refreshing, their saving grace was the main couple, Kirito and Asuna. The two of them were so lovey-dovey and the chemistry between them is just so sweet that I can’t help but feel for them. Tens of thousands of SAO fans who are fervently watching the horrible second season as we speak (so to speak) would agree. Not to mention, SAO also had an awesome soundtrack and the fight scenes were not bad, above average actually. All in all, it’s just mindless fun. Just don’t pick on the loopholes and the stupid plot, then you’ll get off just fine.

  1. Akame ga Kill (2014)


It’s the same here with Akame ga Kill, quite mainstream stuff. It basically revolves Tatsumi who is a village boy trying to look for fame and fortune in the capital but got dragged into a rebel group, Night Raid after witnessing his friends’ death in the hands of one of the treacherous and corrupt ministers of the capital. There’s no point explaining anything at all, because as you watch the anime, if you’re an avid anime fan, you would actually be able to predict the plot. All of it except the mindless carnage going around all around Tatsumi, which basically makes the plot a stereotypical plot but with ridiculous bloodshed happening all around. What stands out is the totally memorable antagonist, General Esdeath who fell in love with Tatsumi. As a plus point, the final fight scene was spectacular and the animation and art style was magnificient. Mindless fun, same here. My favourite antagonist is in this anime, if this anime isn’t in the list, where should it be??

18. Bleach


If you haven’t heard of Bleach and mistake it for a form of cleaning detergent, then you can go die. But just in case, Bleach revolves around Kurosaki Ichigo, who can see spirits due to his parentage. (Some parentage that turned out to be. Pfft.) One day, he was attacked by a lost soul, known as Hollow. A shinigami, a soul that is responsible in bringing the souls to the afterlife and protecting the living from these Hollows came to his rescue but was overpowered by it. In desperation, the shinigami gave Ichigo some of her power and he became part-shinigami as well and he used his newfound power to defeat the enemy. But then of course, his adventure as a substitute shinigami begins. Bleach is my list because it was cool, in a lot of ways. The world where the shinigamis reside in, Soul Society was filled with overpowering shinigamis and all the different powers and techniques were simply mouth-watering. I remember how I, as a kid, memorized all (Well, almost) the name of the techniques then playing with my friends at school, jumping all over the place, holding up imaginary swords and fighting each other. Plus, the plot (in the beginning) was quite refreshing, the way the plot twists were dished out (Aizen comes to mind) were great and etched in my mind. As the times flow pass, there were only a handful of twists are more memorable than that particular one twist all those years back. Ah~ nostalgic stuff. But now…it’s a matter of time before the manga is forced to retire. Seriously, there is nothing left to write about. If I’m not mistaken, the anime has already ended some time ago.

  1. Sankarea


The series revolves around Chihiro Furuya, a highschool student who has an intense obsession over zombies. He has watched all the available Hollywood zombies movies, has all sort of zombie memorabilla, and to top it all off, he does research on how to reanimate his dead pet cat in an abandoned building using a suspicious, old manuscipt he found at his home. Oh, he also is not turned on by normal girls, in fact, he is only turned on by zombie girls!! One day, when he was doing research in his usual hideout, he sees the star student, Sanka Rea of the neighbouring all-girls school in his hideout’s proximity. She walks up to a well, peers down it…and starts to scream her heart out. Apparently, she was letting out all the frustration and anger welled up in her caused by her over-protective father. Soon after, she notices the peeking Chihiro, and joins him in his zombie research, just to kill time. After that, in a bid to kill herself, she drank the vial of ‘zombifying’ potion that Chihiro made to revitalise his pet cat. And as it turns out, it works… Phew, it was a hell of a long summary. The mystery surrounding the main character and the zombifying potion was really intriguing but more so, was the consequneces of being one of the undead. After the incident, Sanka Rea began experiencing changes in her body like increased strength and agility, undying body, increased bloodlust…Seriously, it’ll give you goosebumps if you really think about it. In other words, the reason for it being in my list is because of the setting of the anime. There’s also the chemistry between Sanka Rea and Chihiro. And Sanka Rea is by far, the cutest zombie girl I have ever seen. There’s also the wide array of weird characters like Chihiro’s grandfather, Sanka Rea’s over-protective father (Calling him that is an understatement. In fact, saying that he wants to do his own daughter wouldn’t be very out-of-placed.) etc. All in all, it’s a very intriguing series and has a lot of potential in being a unique horror-romance anime. However, Sankarea’s setback was that it focused too much on the romance that at times, it overlooked the horror part. Oh, I would say that the fan service is really, really too much. Korewa Zombie Desuka and other zombie anime series would appear meek in comparison. I mean, the main character may only be turned on by zombie girls but for the rest of us, it’s seriously too much. (Oh, about the fan service, I’m talking about the manga.)

  1. Seitokai Yakuindomo


Most people wouldn’t even have heard of this anime, much less watched it but for those who do will get doused in generous portions of sex orientated jokes and silly antics of girls undergoing puberty. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly attracted to the sex-orientated jokes, ’cause I’m not a sex addict nor am I a pervert nor do I watch hentai anime (in short, animated Japanese porn). It’s not the matter of what kind of jokes they give us, it’s the matter how you present it to the viewers. Takatoshi Tsuda is the main character of the story. The story begins with him choosing to attend a former all-girl school simply because it is close to his home. On his first day at the school, he is forcibly recruited into the student council as the vice-president and male representative by the president of the student council, Amakusa Shino. The characters of the series were all pretty crazy, like for example, Shino, the president, is the school’s all-star student, capable of doing anything at all, but she does enjoy talking about sex poses and chastity belts and how to treat a M-person (as in M in S.M.) with the student council secretary, Aria Shichijo. There’s also…well, I wouldn’t want to say more, ‘cause I wouldn’t want to spoil you guys to the show. Seriously, the reason I liked it is because I enjoyed discovering the new characters and new personalities in the show…Well…erm…I can’t exactly put it to words, how I like this show, but one thing’s for sure, you’re gonna enjoy this show, even if you don’t know how a sex toy looks like. (I didn’t.)

Well, that’s it, folks, for today. Stay tuned for more hot shit, coming your way. Until the next post, sayonara!

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