Top 20 Favourite Anime In Descending Order! Part 2!

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15. Mobile Suit Gundam 00


Well, I don’t exactly remember what exactly is going in this anime since I have watched this about 5-6 years ago, but what I do remember is the fact that I loved it. The plot was too complicated for lil’ 12 year old me to comprehend, but it was fascinating enough to get me to watch it on TV, glued to the TV screen relentlessly. In the future, the world has discovered a new power source: solar power and has successfully harvested it for the commercial use, however apparently only the major countries have the privilege to make use of it. So, in the remaining countries, wars break out as the minor countries scramble over the remaining food supply and fuel. Wait, wouldn’t that mean more energy would be needed to produce weapons? Hmm…So in order to prevent the wars from continuing to break out, an organisation by the name of Celestial Beings with four advanced machines, known as Gundams is formed. With the four Gundams, they prevented the wars by breaking out by…fighting the wars themselves instead? I don’t know but now that I look back, the plot was horrible and full of plot holes. But, guess what? I don’t care! I loved the series because in contrary with the plot, the fight scenes were pretty easy to comprehend, with the Gundams from the Celestial Beings fighting against their enemies, first the armed forces of the major countries, later against another set of Gundams from Team Trinity then an overwhelming army of enemies, from all sides. The action was spectacular, with each and every one of the individual Gundam mobile suits facing overwhelming adversaries. Yes, the plot may suck, the characters may stink, the setting may be awfully, ridiculously stupid, the action scenes may be scarce and scattered all over the place but when the action does come, be sure to hang onto your seats ‘cause they ‘mma gonna take you for a one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

14. Great Teacher Onizuka


Standard anime where badass teachers enters a class full of imbeciles and delinquents then, kicks their sorry butts and whips them into shape. Well, I don’t read the GTO manga so I have no qualms about the plot arcs but I do mind the way the anime ends. The final arc was not as great and kind of lacklustre and the way they ended the story was kind of anti-climatic. However, I can’t complain about the humour and the ridiculously stupid titular main character, Onizuka. The way he does things, the way he teaches his students, the way he fucks around, man, I just love him. He could be the only reason this anime’s here in the first place, except he’s not. I must say, despite it’s relatively short lifespan (41 episodes) compared to the long-running manga, it managed to capture bits and pieces of the manga’s emotionally charged atmosphere and if the producers were given more episodes and running time, I betcha this anime would have been a modern day classic on par with the rest of the golden oldies. If only we’d had seen more of the manga’s magic… Sigh~

13. Fullmetal Alchemist BrotherhoodFMAB

Do I need a reason? It’s Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Do I need say more? Reason? Ok, I’ll give you three. One, the awesome openings and endings songs that it gave us, for example: Rain-SID, Uso-SID, Golden Time Lover-Sukima Switch and etc. Two, for the plot and epic feel that it gives us. I mean, nobody tears up an entire country like FMA:B does. The rebellion, the deaths, the conspiracies, all of it contributed to the awesome feeling I get when I watch it. Seriously, it has so many milestones that if you browse through the multiple Top 10s there are in the Internet, for example, Top 10 deaths, Top 10 fight scenes, Top 10 plot twists etc., and you’ll come across it from time to time. Three, the characters ranging from the main duo, the Elric brothers to the seven Homunculus, were quite memorable in their own way. Need any more reasons? Go search the Internet and you’ll get a barrage of answers then you’ll drown in a cyber-stampede from the multitudes of FMA:B fans out there.

12. Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin (Nanana’s Buried Treasure)

Nanana's Buried Treasure

If it had a second season or is 26 episodes long, Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin would have had a higher placing in my list. Seriously, it’s totally underrated and it deserves more attention. Hey, it’s witty, fast-paced and unpredictable. I mean, which other anime can make treasure hunts look so fun? Ryuugajou is set in an artificial island named Special Student Zone where the founder of the said island hid powerful, ancient (?) artifacts throughout the island where many factions among students and outsiders vie to own these artifacts. The characters in the series were interesting and memorable even though they do not own any super powers or anything like that. Their characteristics and personalities simply stood out in the sea of anime characters I know. The reason to why this is on my list? Simply because it is light hearted and fast-paced fun. In fact, it’s so memorable that I thought of this anime first thing when I first tried to put together this list. A guarantee enjoyable outing, for people regardless of gender, age or interests.

11. Clannad


The series I’m referring to now is Clannad Afterstory and it is not to be mistaken with the first season, Clannad. Why? Because even though Clannad sets the stage for the events in Afterstory and is quite interesting by itself, but seriously without Afterstory, I doubt people would have even heard of it. Clannad by itself is a feel good slice-of-life anime that has good humour and memorable characters, but truthfully, there are tons of anime with good humour and memorable characters. However, with Afterstory, the producers decided to gamble by setting Afterstory to self-destruct. Self-destruct, you ask? I’ll ask you a question, how many anime’s timeline go beyond the high school time period? It dwells on the consequences of life and choice. Reality sets in and we see the main protagonist, Okazaki Tomoya is faced with decision he has to make, whether it is to reconcile with his drunkard father or his estranged daughter, Ushio after Nagisa’s death. He faces his past, his present and deals with the looming Ghost of Christmas Future (just a metaphor, just so you know.) Okazaki is not a very great guy, nor is he a bishonen or whatever. He’s a normal guy, trying to get money by working as an electrician at an electric company. And as the show progresses, you begin to feel the gravity of the grave situation Okazaki faces and overwhelming responsibility he has to bare, being a delinquent in school during his youth and having married in an extremely young age. It’s no longer all fun and it’s no longer all about how cute your girlfriend is. Tears are shed, life come and goes and when you’re done with this show, you’ll be appreciating your life more than ever. Watch it, seriously, especially if you’re down and depressed. You’ll wake up feeling all better… But don’t you skip Clannad!!!

Anyway, this should be enough for today, so until my next post, ja ne~

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