Top 20 Favourite Anime In Descending Order!! Part 3!

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10. Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball) (Season 1,2 & 3)


I recently started watching the third season of Kuroko no Basuke, which released it’s first episode last week and it plunged the viewers straight into the thick of the action, with Ryota Kise facing off with a new character, Shogo Haizaki. And why do I like this? If there’s one thing I love about this anime, it’s the action packed matches. In Season 2, each match is on average 4-5 episodes long and in every episode, there will be at least 10 plays that are memorable in their own way. The plays were very entertaining no matter the viewer is a basketball player or not. With that alone, it has earned it’s place on my list. I mean, have you watched the series? Heck, it’s more entertaining than the average NBA match! Anyway, the setting of the anime series is also quite intriguing. In case you don’t know what this series is about, it’s about a certain ‘Generation of Miracles’ that arose from the Teiko Middle School Basketball Team but aside from the main starters, there is also a phantom sixth man whose presence is known only by few. When the time arrives when the ‘Generation of Miracles’ graduates from middle school, the phantom sixth man, Kuroko Tetsuya, goes to Seirin High School which basketball team was only recently formed and whose main team consists of only first year and second year students. There, he meets Kagami Taiga, who is an up and coming basketball player who had immense potential as a power forward. Kuroko then makes a pact with Kagami to fight and to defeat the Generation of Miracles. With that, the road to victory begins for both Kuroko and Kagami but it is paved with obstacles and thorns. Seriously, it has set such a high standard for modern sports anime that even great anime such as Yowamushi Pedal and Haikyuu! were below par when compared with KnB. If you’ve haven’t watched this, you should regardless of whether you’re an anime fan or not. It has everything a sports anime should have, great plot, memorable characters and ultimately, spectacular action. So, why shouldn’t this anime be in my list? Watch this, this is seriously great fodder for adrenaline junkies and basketball fans alike.

  1. Slam Dunk


You’d probably be thinking: Wow, two sports anime back-to-back?? What’s more, they’re both about basketball??!! Oh, well, basketball is undoubtedly the best sports to have made the transition from live-action to anime, with so many other good anime series under it’s belt. And here’s one of the most popular and legendary basketball anime of all-time: Slam Dunk! Sakuragi, a delinquent at his high schoolwho is feared because of his menacing height, build and physique. He was also known to be a fierce and violent gangster, getting involved in all kinds of brawls and fistfights. His inexhaustible stamina makes him a total fighting machine where he can fight multiple gangsters and walk through it in one piece. He is also a total loser when it comes to girls. I mean, if you’re a decent high school female student, will you want a gangster with a history of violence? His proposal was turned down for the consequent 50 times when he met the sister of the basketball team captain and falls in love with her. In a bid win over his potential future brother-in-law and fight off his love rival, who is coincidentally the basketball team’s ace, he joins the Shohoku basketball team and soon after, he begins to fall in love with the game and strives to be the best basketball player in the whole of Japan. The series is quite entertaining despite it’s realistic take n the game contrary with Kuroko no Basuke. The rivalry on and off the court between Sakuragi and the players we meet as we progress gradually through the anime is so enjoyable that take away the rest of it and I bet it’ll still be in my list! But the plays, despite not as action-packed (and far-fetched) as KnB, were still entertaining nonetheless. What’s most important is the way you get emotionally invested as you watch Sakuragi matures from a mischievous, good for-nothing into a force to be reckoned in the world of Japanese basketball. Legendary in every aspect, this is a must-watch if you think Kuroko no Basuke is the only good basketball anime. My own complaint is that it can be a little too long-winded at times, but that aside, it’s quite perfect!

  1. Naruto


8TH???!!!! Seriously????!!!! If you’re a Naruto fan, you should be actually demanding a better placing for this long-running and much-loved anime. Oh, and when I say “Naruto”, I’m refering to the two series, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden combined. In fact, I pretty much ignored the gap between the two series. But before your inner Naruto fan burst out in flames and blast a Rasengan at poor lil’ me, allow me to explain. The only reason it’s this low in my list is because it’s not exactly perfect, in terms of character development and plot. I don’t care if you’re the biggest fan or the most hardcore fan who cosplays Naruto every time you go to the local anime convention, there will be times where you’ll find the series too long-winded and boring when they keep dragging the back story of some supporting character on and on and on. But seriously, one can get so emotionally invested in this anime that just the slightest tremor, you cringe and leap up and down. The fight scenes were just awesome. Kudos to the writer for weaving a world filled with so much mystery and different techniques and powers. Seriously, nobody can beat ‘Naruto’ in a battle to compare the sheer number of awesome and epic fight scenes. So…if you are a Naruto fan and still not satisfied with my explanation, then here’s two reasons that will surely satisfy you. One, in the first 200 episodes, I get too fed up watching little Naruto rush into his battles and get walloped by either Sasuke or some other enemy then see him wallowing in self-pity. Two, the bummer ending. ‘Nuff said.

  1. Tokyo Ravens


Arghh!!!!!! Hokuto/Natusme is so kawaii!!!!!!!! It’s like Onodera but better!!! Ahhh~~~ Onodera!!!!! Onode–Ahem, sorry, I just got too carried away. Sorry. Anyway, let’s go on, shall we?   Not to be mistaken with it’s more popular and totally unrelated younger brother, Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ravens is an anime series that you simply cannot miss if you enjoy good stories and hate bummer endings like Naruto’s or stupid plot twists that appear out of nowhere. Tokyo Ravens revolves around Tsuchimikado Harutora, a member of the branch family of the Tsuchimikado family whose ancestor is the renowned but disgraced magician, Tsuchimikado Yakou. He lives a peaceful and happy life with his two closest friends, Touji and Hokuto. One day, his peaceful life is shattered when his childhood friend and magical prodigy, Tsuchimikado Natsume enters into his life and disrupts his peace by forcing Harutora into fulfilling his promise when they were kids to be her shikigami (familiar). I haven’t finished this series just yet, I’m at the fifteenth episode and yet I already love this series so much that I decided to put this anime in my list already. I love the chemistry between the three protagonists, Natsume, Touji and Harutora not to mention, the awesome fight scenes. One of the most memorable fight scenes in the series is the battle between Ohtomo Jin and Ashiya Doman, but most importantly, the reason for this being in my list is because of the great plot. Unlike tonnes of other anime out there where they try to please and pull fans over by giving us fan service or giving us cute girls or bomb us with stupid plot twists for maximum shock value, this anime actually try to please the viewers with great plot! Seriously, if I were to say more, it would be spoiling the plot for you so please, just go and watch the first 3 episodes. I guarantee you that you’ll love it! Unless of course, you’re looking for the regular harem anime where the girl with the largest set of boobs wins…

(Onodera is a member of a harem group from the anime series, Nisekoi. Don’t mind that.)

  1. Noragami


Look! What a happy family they’ll make!! Ohh, I love this trio!! Eh…no, no, I mean, I love this duo, ignoring the yellow haired dude. That guy is too much of a pussy, personally, especially pre-ablution. I like Yato better but Yato wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a certain Hiyori Iki. Oops, sorry, I must have left you guys stranded there all by yourself. Anyway, that guy in the black colored sweater and the scarf is a stray god which means a god without a shrine, Yato. He has a terrible personality, a serious sweat problem (everyone seems to tell him that), broke and does odd jobs for 5 yen. One day, when he is doing another odd job where he has to look for a cat named Ue-sama, he is saved by the above said Hiyori Iki who pushes him out of the way of a speeding lorry. Hiyori Iki, an ordinary middle school student before the incident, then undergo changes where her soul actually slips out involuntarily and unpredictably. She then enlists Yato to help her with her spiritual problem and embarks on an adventure with the unpredictable Yato and his newly founded regalia, Yukine. Although the characters were quite memorable and the humour quite refreshing though half-hearted at times, I didn’t put it this high up in my list for solely that reason. The plot isn’t exactly top notch but I love the way the series tackles tough and dark themes through the plot, such as the Yukine arc where Yato gets blighted because of Yukine’s sins. The combination of having a great theme and memorable characters did it for me. Of course, the chemistry between the characters were quite natural and not as forced as the normal regular anime. And…the mysterious Nora and her past with Yato is quite intriguing. The battle scenes were quite spectacular too, especially the final battle between Yato and Rabo. And I love the symbolism scattered throughout the series…How many aspects of Noragami did I say I love? Do you need any more reasons? No? Then go watch it. Now.

Anyway, that’s all for today and be sure to look for the exciting final installment of the trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, just joking. I meant, be sure to check out my final Installment of “My Top 20 Favourite Anime!! In Descending Order!”!

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