Honorable Mentions: Top 20 Favourite Anime

Before we go straight into the Top 5, there are some anime that deserves a mention here on my list. Some of them had the potential but didn’t go all the way, some were good but not enough to be on my list and some may be ongoing or I have not finished watching it yet. Nonetheless, the anime series that I am about to show you definitely deserves your attention, in one way or the other. Heck, they may even be better some of the shows on my list but weren’t there for some reason. That is why I ask of you, dear viewers, to take a look through this separate but not unrelated list of anime, to give it a chance. I mean, who knows? You may like it better than I do, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So~shall we go then?

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko (電波女と青春男)

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Denpa what? If literally translated, it means Radio Wave Girl and Adolescent Boy. And no, it’s not a superhero parody anime and no, the girl doesn’t shoot radio waves from her hands. So, what is it? I’m not gonna sugarcoat this, this is a harem anime. A WHAT???!!!! Ok, I know the harem genre has got itself a bad name, especially among girls, with it’s pushy girl characters and dumbass, useless male leads. I mean, heck, even some guys get rubbed in the wrong way watching harem!! But there are some that are quite good and doesn’t manipulate guys’ hormones into gushing the blood all over the place, especially to the head. For example, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. It is produced by Studio Shaft but unlike it’s successor, Nisekoi, the series does not revolve around the guy and his harem. The show doesn’t have fan service in the slightest bit (unless you call exposure of the leg from the knee to the foot fan service) and the girls aren’t all stupid hot-headed girls who fight tooth-and-nail for that one guy.

Anyway, on with the brief summary. First, we have Touwa Mako who is a fourteen year old boy who moved from the countryside to the town after his parents went overseas to work which in itself is a cliché. But there’s where all the clichés disappear. First, he meets his aunt, Touwa Meme (Totally unrelated with a particular Oshino Meme) who despite her age, looks like a 20-year-old bishoujo. Her mental age is way lower, by the way. Upon reaching home, he sees a girl lying on the hallway…wrapped in a futon (blanket) like a fish roll. What a way to go. Yay. What. The. Fish. Roll.

The reason this anime didn’t end up in my list of favourite anime is because it doesn’t seem to belong there or anywhere, for that matter. Since it didn’t feel like it belongs anywhere so I created this list to fit it in somewhere. It’s too much of a waste to not put it anywhere, I mean, it’s quite good actually. It’s suprisingly honest with itself, it doesn’t try to be anything it isn’t, and most importantly, it doesn’t do what regular harem does. The anime, the plot, the character development is extremely down-to-earth, despite the out-of-this-world setting. All the characters are quite human indeed and are capable of other emotions such as sadness, disappointment and joy. It’s everything an enjoyable harem should be, but because of it’s slow pace and the feeling that it doesn’t belong anywhere, it disappears off our radars. Be glad for this day, for you have found it, the most elusive and well-hidden gem in all of anime…A kid-friendly harem.

Pfft!! Yeah, whatever, just watch it already.

Another (The only horror anime that has anything to do with horror!!!)


Now, this is not kid-friendly at all. Seriously, go away, kids. Unless you want to live your life, thinking that you’ll die a horrible death, that is. If you watch this, you’ll be afraid of dolls, umbrellas, elevators, staircases, glass, window panes, height, mannequins, coffins, ravens, pens, chandeliers, eyepatches and the word ‘Why’. A long list of stuff to be afraid of. So don’t watch this. Go away, now before it’s too late. Run. NOW!!!!

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie In April)


A beautiful anime about classical music with a heart-wrenching love story. This series is still ongoing so I won’t put it on my list. But the pianist in me will not allow me to leave this anime untouched. So it’s here on this list of mine. This anime revolves around Kousei Arima, who was once widely known as a piano child prodigy but due to his mother’s death, he quitted piano altogether. One day, his childhood friend, Tsubaki in a bid to revitalise Kousei and hopes that he may one day play the piano again, introduces him to a violinist, Kaori. Kaori’s style of playing touches Kousei’s heart of stone and she forces him to step out of his closed world and into the world of competitive classical music once more…

Anime about classical music is very rare, with the only other prominent anime that focuses on classical music being Nodame Cantabile. However, unlike Nodame Cantabile, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is a very hard hitting series, with many dark and heavy themes, such as death and abuse often being the themes focused. However, the series does show the magic and power of classical music to touch hearts, although the anime series does drown out the classical music at times. I must admit, it is kind of difficult to find the right balance between good plot and classical music. I’m not quite sure about Nodame Cantabile since I haven’t got to it. Yet. Until then, it’s just me and Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. I just wish there is an anime about band life. And don’t mean a certain anime about girls and tea and cake. I mean, a brass band or whatever. I still can’t find an anime like that. Yet.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: ARS Nova


No, it’s not the same with a certain Kantai Collection. The original running manga by the same name which features in monthly magazine Young King Ours, is a very dark and original manga in which the focus is on the dark and apocalyptic future world. It’s battle scenes in which calculated tactics and great precision of naval battles were showcased in it’s full glory were awesome, not to mention that it has a fantastic plot. However, the producers of the anime series decided to focus a lot on the mental models of the ships instead. Too much potential, too little brains and effort put into the anime. ******* ********.

Here is a list of anime series that are possible candidates for my list of favourite anime.



My Soul, Your Beats


Garo: Honoo no Kokuin


Soul Eater




Darker Than Black


Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

nanatsu no taizai

I’ll be back with the Top 5 Favourite Anime, so hold your breath, everyone.

Feel free to let me in to what you think about the topic or to go me feedback or to introduce good anime to me through your comments. If you enjoy this or any other post, do feel free to support me on my blog on https://seeanimeondaniel.wordpress.com

Thanks for your time and have a nice day!


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