Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (暗杀教室)@ Assassination Classroom Preview

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (暗杀教室) is part of the Winter 2014/2015 anime line up. If you hadn’t watched this and you want to but don’t whether if it’s good, well, here’s the assurance coming from me: don’t worry. It’s definitely a worthwhile watch  although it may not be Oscar fodder but it’s definitely an entertaining watch!

ansatsu 1

Assassination Classroom revolves around a certain 3-E class in a certain Kunugigolo–Oops, I mean, Kunugigaoka Middle School which is tasked with killing a super powerful being (refer to picture above). The above said being is one with extreme power, having blown 70% of the Moon into bits, leaving behind only a crescent moon and also has the capability to travel at a maximum speed of Mach 20. Which is 20 times the speed of sound.

And, you may ask why these groups of middle school students are tasked with the impossible job of killing this super-powered being? For his own personal reasons, as you will see when you watch the first episode, he offers the Japanese government a chance to kill him by offering himself to be a teacher to teach the above said 3-E class in Kunugigolo–Oops, I mean, Kunugigaoka Middle School. Despite his ridiculous speed and out-of-this-world appearance, this being is actually quite human indeed, with him having the capability to feel tired, sad or even angry. And he is quite a good teacher, despite being a full-blown pompous asshole. In the end of the first episode, he adopts the name ‘Koro Sensei‘, which literally means ‘Teacher Kill’. This name was given to him by one of the students in the class.

Fans of the manga series, featured in the Japanese magazine, will be delighted to see the youthful presentation of the series’ much loved characters, including the pompous Koro Sensei in his full glory. The opening, for one, reflects the youthfulness of the students in class 3-E, which features them jumping up and down while giving us glimpses of the badass-fulness of the series yet to come.

If you’re thinking whether or not to watch this series, think no more. Just go ahead and do so. After all, in an anime world filled with girls fighting and destroying each other by any means necessary for the sake of one guy (Remember the music video, “ME! ME! ME!” ?), anything that doesn’t feature gawking male leads and spectacular boob action is something worth watching, especially if it’s entertaining. And this one surely fits the bill!

In the manga, the characters were quite drawn out and not as one-dimensional as those in the normal, regular anime series. They weren’t exactly very memorable but they were definitely relatable. On the plus side, this manga fleshes out the dark side of society quite nicely. It reflects the darker side of a modern day society where academics and examination results meant the world to both students and parents in an dark tone albeit it being a little too exaggerated.

Nonetheless, the action set pieces (not sequences, for one because no one can actually fight Koro Sensei one-on-one) were quite spectacular, especially when the students pull off elaborate schemes to entrap and assassinate the unkillable Koro Sensei. Personally, I’m looking forward to how the producers and animators are going to animate the episode where the 3-E class students deceive Koro Sensei into going on a trip with them to some exotic islands. Then cutting him down to size with water cannons and snipers!

To those who are already looking forward to watching the anime series, do not worry, the series does not disappoint. This is actually coming from someone who reads and follows the manga series fervently. The animation is great, the soundtrack is splendid and the producers follow the plot quite closely. What more can you expect from it?

To those not knowing whether or not to watch this, please do watch the first episode to find out. The first episode is the introduction story arc by itself, so you can watch it whether or not you like it. But don’t be discouraged to watch this just because you think the plot may get too repetitive. Because I can guarantee you that the plot will remain fresh even the over-arcing theme of 3-E being the underdogs remains the same. After all, according to the manga, the focus of the plot varies from time to time. I won’t say more but I’ll tell you this, only Ansatsu Kyoushitsu can make examinations or sports days so damned epic!!


So, if your question is whether this anime is worth your time, my answer is this: As long as it’s entertaining and does not feature human cows and scrawny kids acting all goody-two shoes, it’s definitely worth your time.

So, till my next post, sayonara.

Feel free to comment on my post to let me in to what you think about the above subject or topic or to give me feedback or even to recommend me some good anime! All comments are welcomed! And if you like this or any other posts of mine, do feel free to support me on my blog,

Thank you for your time and have a great day!


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