Anime Music Ichiban! 其ノヨン!Part four!

This is a continuation of the post titled Anime Music Ichiban! 其ノサン!Part Four! So, if you’ve just tuned in, please read the previous post.

If you actually pay any attention to the anime openings and the people following them, you’ll realize that many are divided by their choices of favorite anime openings or endings. Especially in 24-episode anime series, like Attack on Titan or long running anime series, such as Bleach and Naruto. And we can actually get a glimpse of the person’s liking and taste of music based on his choice of songs. So, what are you?


Bleach openings have a tendency of being strikingly similar, personally with most of them being almost the same and having the same format of presentation, in which the animation revolves around the characters fighting, running, flying or explosions all over the place. The songs themselves are quite good , most of them peaking within the “Top 10 of Oricon Chart” which is the equivalent of the American “Top 40” in terms of J-pop. Here are some of the ones that became went on to become fan favourites and another few that caught my eye.

OP 9 Velonica – Aqua Timez

OP 6 Alones – Aqua Timez

OP 12 chAngE – miwa

OP 1 Asterisk – ORANGE RANGE

OP4 Tonight, tonight, tonight – The Beat Crusaders

OP 5 Rolling Star – YUI

OP 2 D-tecnoLife-Uverworld

For me, Velonica, D-tecnoLife and Rolling Star was quite forgettable. Since they were standard entries of rock music and the songs weren’t exactly very memorable either, in my opinion. My favourite opening is definitely “Tonight, tonight, tonight” by The Beat Crusaders. I mean, who can forget that song? Sung in heavily accented English, the song easily reflected the carefree feel that the animation is trying to portray with the main characters running all over the place. And I love the way that the song is arranged to include the bridge part, where the song reverts to a darker tone colour. Of all the songs, this is easily the catchiest song of all the Bleach opening song line up. Other than that, Bleach also has a gem of an opening in Alones. The opening animation showed the adorable lion mascot of Bleach singing the opening phrase of the song, twitching and being all melodramatic in sync with the song. But we, the viewers, know behind the facade that the mock sadness is actually very real. With Inoue becoming a hostage by the Arrancars, treated as a traitor and held at Hueco Mundo . Or least, I think that’s the story. I’m sorry but I haven’t been watching Bleach for such a long time. It could easily be 6 years since the last time I read or watched anything Bleach-related. I could vaguely remember me being so bored that I gave up on the series altogether after Ichigo lost Tenza Zangetsu after defeating Aizen with his Final Getsuga Tenshou.

Anyway, back to the topic, Alones was a pretty decent offering however, after that, the song reverted back to the stereotypical running/walking/fighting opening. What a pity. It had so much potential. Oh, and there’s chAngE by miwa, having the catchiest opening  in the history of Bleach openings. Although I still don’t enjoy the fight scene between Ichigo and Ulquoirra Cifer, where Ichigo got his ass whooped all over the place before becoming a half-Hollow, then overwhelming and overpowering Ulquoirra. But still, that opening animation did give a glimpse of the sadness and despair of the above said fight. Oh, and the fights between the shinigamis and the Espadas in the opening were quite epic, with the most memorable scene being Siew Fong revealing her bankai for the first time. Last but not least, there’s Asterisk, the first OP of Bleach sung by ORANGE RANGE. The song in itself isn’t the highlight here, it was the opening as a whole. The animation featured the main characters in a different way, with colourful splatters across the screen at intervals. It’s fun and refreshing, a departure from the standard Bleach openings.

Guilty Crown

OP1 My Dearest – supercell

OP2 The Everlasting Guilty Crown – EGOIST

We all know what this anime series is all about, so let’s not act all stupid and just admit that this anime is really just all about the music. Oh, and Inori, but for the most part, it’s about the music. So, here we have a battle of openings that will determine whether you’re a supercell fan or an Egoist fan. My Dearest by supercell is a standard entry by the Vocaloid turned singer-songwriter duo combination. If you’ve heard of the numerous supercell songs out there, for example Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari or Utakata Hanabi (refer to links below), then you would understand what I’m talking about. Supercell is all about making sweet and somewhat sugar-coated songs. Everything ranging from the lyrics down the vocals, even the melody seems so sweet that my first impression of supercell is of a candy store. It’s sweet style is evident even in the first opening line itself:

“So, everything that makes me whole, ima kimi ni sasege yo wo~ (now I give them all to you)”.

I love the opening, it’s like candy, sweet and tasty, but sadly, the series sucks too much for me to throughly enjoy it. Now for the second OP, The Everlasting Guilty Crown. Egoist comprises of exactly the same people behind supercell, songwriter, ryo and singer, Chelly. The only thing that’s different is the style. In comparison with supercell’s sugar-coated songs, Egoist is a totally different game.

If supercell was a candy store, then Egoist would be a store selling antique dolls that look like they come straight out the horror movie, Annabelle. Or rather, the dolls from the anime series, Another. The dolls looks beautiful but at the same time, they could be haunted for all we know!

If you liked Psycho Pass’s ED and loved it, then you may like Egoist’s songs too!

It’s constant use of atonal guitar riffs or synths, provided the atmosphere for the darker tone of the song. However, in my opinion, the second OP isn’t as good as the first OP. Why? I have to admit that the songs are good, however, the opening as a whole, isn’t on par. When I first listened to supercell’s My Dearest, I have to say it was great! Catchy, sweet and totally memorable. But when I watched the opening, it didn’t embody the feeling that the song is supposed to give, thus making the opening somewhat lackluster. As for the second OP, the song wasn’t particularly catchy and I can’t seem to listen to it for too long at one time. Although the animation was a little better than the first, it still isn’t everything in an anime opening. As I said before, for an anime opening to be great, it must have three simple criteria: a good song, good animation and it must be memorable. Sadly, the openings of Guilty Crown weren’t great. So, I can’t seem to decide which is better so, I’d say the result is a draw!

Durarara!! has one of the most fun-filled anime openings in the history of anime. If you know what I’m talking about, then you probably already know which is my favourite.

Durarara!! OP 1 -Uragiri no Yuuyake

Durarara!! OP 2 – Complication

I’ve already started on the second season of Durarara!!, and truth be told, I don’t have high hopes for it. The opening for the second season seems like it’s trying to emulate what the first OP is trying to do. but frankly, I don’t think it did that. The opening for the second season is HEADHUNT by OKAMOTO’S. Although it’s a good try as it’s quite a good song but it isn’t exactly on par with the original opening, considering the high standard the first opening has set.

OP 1, Uragiri no Yuuyake, which means “the betraying sunset” in Japanese, is a funky song with a catchy opening drum solo playing in the background while the camera focuses on the spinning front wheel of a black motorcycle. It then proceeds to introduce the wacky characters from the series doing crazy stuff. The song is seriously great, with the rhythm of the drums resounding in the background, the wacky guitar chords strumming in sync with the singing, it all leads to one thing and one thing alone: FUN. Catchy till the end!

As for the second OP, the song was good, but the opening was a blend of shortcomings and bad taste. For example, what the hell are the characters “DRRR!!” floating in mid-air towards the end of the opening doing there?? That’s seriously so cheapskate and weird! But the song in itself is quite good, though not very memorable in my humble opinion. Complication by ROOKIEZ is PUNK’D is a standard entry of a soulful rock song, which is quite difficult to find nowadays. However, it just doesn’t seem to fit in with the madness of the series Durarara!!, and seems out of place. It actually implies that the series has a very dark tone colour with its opening sequence of dark skies above the city of Ikebukuro, while the reality is not as implied.

So, which one is my favourite?There’s no questioning it, my favourite’s definitely OP1, Uragiri no Yuuyake!!

Until my next post, ciaossu!

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