Why is this anime filled with freaks? Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – Review

Denpa Onna

Before there was Nisekoi, the hit comedy-harem came to be, Studio Shaft created another anime series by the name of Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko which is also a comedy-harem anime. In a way, Studio Shaft has been experimanting with comedyy harem before it got the job for Nisekoi. However, in a way, Denpa Onna seems to be a more refined, more enjoying and more refreshing anime series when compared with it’s successor. How so?

Denpa Onna to Seisun Otoko, if translated, literally means Electromagnetic Wave Girl and Adolescent Boy. No, this is not a superhero parody flick. First, I’ll explain the plot.

Denpa Onna (Electromagnetic Wave Girl) refers to the female protagonist, Touwa Erio. Erio disappeared one day when she was on her way back home from school and reappeared six months later, floating in the November sea. The police and the authorities tried to trace back her memories and footsteps but found no clue about how she got there. Panic-striken by her amnesia, Erio who was always fascinated by the vast emptiness of outer space, created a story about how she got abducted by aliens and is now an alien sent to Earth to observe Earthlings. At least, that’s what they said but we still have no clue to how she ended up floating in sea, even till the end of the series. Anyway, to convince herself and others that she is an actual alien, she dropped out of school, wrapped herself in a futon and walked all over the town at night. How she did it, we still do not know. After all, her eyes were covered too and she seem to have the ability to know where she’s going even without looking. Add all that up and you’ll start wondering if she is anything the people say she is. She smells fishy, that’s all I’m saying.

Then came along Seishun Otoko (Adolescent Guy). No, he does not shoot fatal grey matter from his private parts of his body or shatter tiles by smacking them using adult graphic books. Niwa Makoto is just a normal 14 year old undergoing puberty that travels from the village to the city after his parents go overseas to work. And you know what normal boys undergoing puberty do.

He meets his aunt, Touwa Meme (not to be mistaken with a certain Oshino Meme) who looks as if she’s barely aged since her teens. Niwa, it seems like your aunt’s mental age is also probably the same as yours. Good for you, you two will surely get along.

Of course, if you have keen observation skills, you probably already noticed that Touwa Erio has the same surname as Touwa Meme. It turns out Touwa Meme is Touwa Erio’s mother. Ah…now it wouldn’t be surprising if Erio’s disappeared for six months. They probably went for a picnic and Meme probably forgot about Erio and left her there for six months before remembering.
Denpa Onna 13
No, no, no, I’m just joking. Anyway, that makes Makoto Erio’s cousin. That also means that they live under one roof. And since Erio is a shut in, in other words, a NEET, speaks and dresses up like an alien, Makoto sees her all the time. And since, she’s so annoying and her mother happens to be one of the greatest mothers on Earth, Makoto takes matters into her own hands by attempting to convince Erio that aliens do not exist. Then, of course, fall in love with Erio. Does it matter not that Erio and Makoto are cousins? No? Ok, fine. But surely…
Denpa Onna 22
If you need a reason to watch Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, well, here’s one. One, the hareming. This is pretty good hareming, if I say so myself. The harem comprises of great, memorable characters those almost on par with even Bakemonogatari. Yes, they’re pretty great, each of them in their own. And no, none are bisexual or tomboys with an overactive imagination or keep their stationary in their underwear or turns into a cat-girl at night.

My favourite girl character is Mifune “Ryuushi-san” Ryuuko. Seriously, she’s cute. Words can’t describe just how cute she is. She speaks in a cute way, she does things in a cute way, her face is cute, and she is cute. She may not be from KanColle or Love Live or IdolMaster but she is cute. Words can’t describe her cuteness. Say what you like, but she’s freaking cute. That’s all I want to say.

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The next girl is Maekawa-san. She’s 179.9cm tall, calls Niwa “transfer student” even though it has been some time he’s transferred to their school, gets light-headed when she lifts her hands above her head for 10 seconds and cosplays as a sandwich, fish, whale, alien among other get ups during her free time. She’s a fragile, yet dignified onee-sama (Big Sis), Niwa’s own words, mind you. She’s kind of good in her own way but although at times she gives up too easily. Sigh~I mean, that’s such a waste. She’s such a good girl…

There’s also Touwa Meme. What?! Niwa’s aunt is also part of the hareming??!!!! Well, I wanna say ‘No’ but I’m not quite sure myself. After all, her daughter Erio is part of the hareming too, which is Niwa’s cousin. There’s also a certain astronaut/esper/alien/god/whatever that speaks in a robotic on purpose and chokes on her own saliva involved with thhe hareming. Go figure.
Denpa Onna 19
This begs the question:
Denpa Onna 21
In a way, it’s one of the main highlights of this show. In a harem anime series, the best harem mostly comprises of the most stand-out combinations of memorable characters with different personalities. Although these characters don’t have special characteristics and are kind of weird, but they’re relatable. For instance, Ryuushi-san has problems like, getting into the basketball first team and Maekawa has extremely low esteem because she is abnormally tall and is a ‘weakling’. All of them have their own problems, even Niwa and they’re not even girl problems.

This is typical Studio Shaft stuff, where you have to pay attention and not take stuff for surface value only. Well, if there’s one thing I’ll agree about this anime, is that this anime is not for everyone. This is because of it’s somewhat different style of story telling. If you look carefully, Denpa Onna has three sub-arcs, each inter related with each other, yet not at the same time. In fact, you don’t look closely enough, you won’t even notice the three sub-arcs. In a nutshell, this anime is like a portrait of a woman but the woman looks disfigured in the portrait. Most people can’t understand what it really is about but if you look closely enough, you’ll realize that it is actually a totally different thing altogether. In the portrait, there are three different sets of illustrations, all connected with each other and yet seemingly different. Together, they put together a portrait of the woman and yet somehow, the portrait looks disfigured. Then, you realize, this painting is not meant to be merely glanced at but to be looked at somewhat carefully and in detail.

In short, if you like Bakemonogatari and realizes that it is not an anime that is not meant to be watched but to be savoured, then watch Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. It’s quite rewarding for the observer but makes no sense to the casual onlooker, so to speak.

So, that’s that. Anyway, if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say, then I suggest you re-read it. Try observing and scanning through these 1300+ words and place yourself in my shoes. Try to grasp at what I meant at these words. Of course, I don’t mean that a lot of people would bother but I do hope that some, even if only a few will penetrate this hidden meaning behind this post and Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko too.

Feel free to comment on my post to let me in to what you think about this review or give me feedback or even to introduce me to good anime! All comments are greatly appreciated! If you liked this or any other post, be sure to visit me on my website, https://seeanimeondaniel.wordpress.com

So, that’s all for today. Until my next post, Hasta la Vista!!


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