Announcement!! (A brief backdrop on visual novels too.)

First of all, I’m sorry for not being able to post for some time now. This is because of the intense emotional backlash after playing and finishing one particular route of Katawa Shoujo. After one of the most emotionally charged stories after the anime Clannad Afterstory, I found myself so emotionally drained that I couldn’t even bring myself to watch any anime, much less write a review on anything. Honestly, I was just so depressed, not because I got a terribly bad ending (I got a good ending, by the way), but because it ended. Yup, just because. And I swear I’m not making this up and although I didn’t cry during the course of the (visual) novel, I’m still saddened by the end of the one route. So saddened, that on my second try, I , as in the main protagonist (under my influence) killed himself.

Katawa Shoujo


If you don’t know a damned thing about visual novels, then here’s a brief explanation. When you talk about visual novels, most people will think of galgames (made popular in anime like Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun or Kami Nomi no Shiru Sekai) or adult stuff. While some visual novels like Fate Stay/Night (Yes, Fate Stay/Night originated from a visual novel) and some other yaoi/yuri VNs contains 18+ stuff…Ok, screw that. All of the visual novels I know of have adult content, thus prompting me to tell all you who are reading and are screwed-up, pent-up perverted teens to just flee from this post. Now.

Anyway, in a nutshell, visual novels are stories that are presented in a combination of text and visuals that ultimately allow the viewer to make choices that control the route of the storyline. In a way, you can choose a story through your actions and that story that you chose could go either way, downhill or uphill, depending on your choices.

And yes, Katawa Shoujo is one of the visual novels I was talking about earlier. The animation and art style was sublime and it wasn’t even a voice-enabled visual novel (meaning you have voice actors performing as the characters in the story). The story was kind of slow-paced at first and I almost got bored with it, yet somehow I persevered and managed to enter one of the routes of the story. By the way, Katawa Shoujo revolves around Hisai Nakai, a normal high school boy who was normal until he experienced a near fatal heart attack which put him in the hospital for four months. When he finally recovered albeit not fully, in an attempt to give him a new lease of life , his parents decided to put him in a school for disabled teens like him in which he “rediscovers opportunities in love and friendships”.

That one route is known as Emi Ibarazaki, a leg amputee just below the knees, in the track team and cheery yet stubborn at the same time. Why I was so depressed can be explained by the thinking I’ve been put through going down the story. I, BEING A TOTAL VIRGIN, was putting myself literally in the main protagonist’s shoes and somehow, I could totally relate to the main protagonist’s ramblings. After following so loyally to the plot and struggling in “my” efforts to create a relationship with the said Emi Ibarazaki, it felt like I was actually in an actual relationship with her! It wasn’t smooth sailing which makes it all the more worse when I finally reach the ending of the story. So, even though I got a good ending, but when the story ended, I felt like my girlfriend just disappeared from my life and her very existence wiped out from the world. Pathetic of me, trying to have a virtual girlfriend, I know, but believe me, if you had played Katawa Shoujo, you would understand.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I got so emotionally attached to the VN then got detached right when it ended that I became depressed. No shit. Anyway, I’m back after listening to epic anime OSTs and blowing my mind away with King of Thorns (The Movie) (more on that later). End of hangover.

This leads me to my second announcement. This blog is my primary blog, which means that I actually have another blog. Well, it’s not mine, I share it with someone else but I write for that blog as well. You can find it here. I write on that blog on the same basis as this blog and both blogs have totally original content, which means I don’t copy and paste. This also means that when I don’t post here, I’m probably posting there.

Now, this leads to my third and final announcement: I’ve decided to post on this blog on a weekly basis. Don’t fret though ’cause I’ll be posting 3-5 posts per weekend so there’ll be plenty of new content when Fridays/Saturdays arrive, waiting for you to check out! After the mental breakdown with Katawa Shoujo, I’ve lagged out and I owe you guys a review of Tokyo Ravens, Cowboy Bebop (NO, NOT AGAIN~~~) and some other stuff that I’ve forgot. Damn this stupid hangover. Prior to my hangover, both my computer and my phone crashed and burned at the same time, leaving me stranded and bored. No wonder I upped and played Katawa Shoujo. So, don’t expect 10 reviews when this Friday/Saturday arrives. Yet.

So, yeah, heard of the saying, ‘I think, therefore I am’? It originated from the Latin saying, “Cogito, ergo sum“. It has deeper meaning to it apparently, but to me and my fickle mind, I like taking things as they are. So, I translated the Latin saying into something more understandable: I eat, therefore I poop.

There! Makes more sense now, does it?

See you on the weekends! Good night and…

I eat, therefore I poop.


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