(Anime) Love Songs for Lovey-Dovey Couples!

Love is in the air! Valentine’s is nigh and I have an all-anime music playlist just for you! Check it out!


Today’s Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February!

So, I decided to make a playlist for ye love birds, just for the sake of doing it. So, yeah, curse me all you want, ye nations of the Singularity! ‘Cause I am actually cursing myself too….

So, here you go, love-birds! Music!

Guilty Crown OP1 My Dearest – supercell

Noragami ED Heart Realize – Tia

Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood つないで手 (Tsunaide Te) – Lil’B

Naruto ED 2 Harmonia – Rhythem

Hakuouki OP 君だけを(Kimi dake wo) – Shuhei Kita

Slam Dunk OP 1 君が好きだと叫びたい(Kimi ga Suki dato Sakibitai) – BAAD

Gintama OP サクラミツツキ(Sakura Mitsutsuki) – SPYAIR

Sword Art Online S2 ED 3 シルシ(Shirushi) – LiSA

Tokyo Ravens ED 1 君が笑む夕がれ (Kimi ga Emu Yuugare) – Nanjou Yoshino

Durarara!! S1 ED 1 Trust Me – Yuya Matsushita

Naruto Shippuden ED 14 うたかた花火(Utakata Hanabi) – supercell

Do feel free to comment below to let me in to what you think about the selection of songs or even to introduce some of yours! All comments are greatly appreciated. If you like this or any other post of mine, do feel free to support me on my blog, https://seeanimeondaniel.wordpress.com

Thank you for your time and have a great weekend/ Valentine’s Day!

5 thoughts on “(Anime) Love Songs for Lovey-Dovey Couples!

  1. I think Utakata Hanabi is about loss D:
    But whatever… I thought also of two:
    Glasslip Opening – Natsu no hi to kimi no koe
    Your lie in april Opening – Hikaru nara


    1. Haha you’re right! But it sounded like a love song right? It IS a love song,in a sense. It’s singing about love lost right? Haha, and thanks for the suggestion! Checking it out now. Sounds great! Thanks once again!


      1. Yup i’v never heard of Glasslip op but d Shigatsu op was quite good. Actually, I was undecided on whether or not to put it since I’m not quite sure whether it’s a love song.
        Speaking of love songs, there was one Star-Crossed by Itou Kanoko that was one heck of a love song. The problem is I could not find it on the Net. It was from Steins Gate the PC game.
        Treasure of the Heart~kimi to boku no kiseki by Zone was fantastic too but same problem, no Youtube or Soundcloud.


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