King Of Thorns Movie – Review

Valentine’s Day special! Calling all single people (and ladies) who are locked in your room, this movie is the perfect remedy for hangovers and emotional stress! Read all about it in this review!


A Thorn In The Butt-Hole!! King Of Thorns Movie – Review!

King of Thorns, also known as Ibara no Ou, is an anime movie that originated from a manga of the same name. The movie was released all the way back in May 1, 2010 and was produced by Kadokawa Pictures. The English edition of King of Thorn manga was named by the Young Adult Library Services Association as among the 10 best graphic novels for teens for 2008. Volume one was praised by Publishers Weekly as “a gripping entry in the genre of violent survivor manga,” and praised Iwahara’s (the illustrator) art for conveying the character’s claustrophobia without confusing the reader. But what about the movie? Is it as good?

King of Thorns revolves around a near apocalyptic world, where the world was overrun by a mysterious virus which turns people into stone when infected completely, hence the naming “Medusa”. Everyone was terrified of this new and Thorns 1deadly virus and the scientists were incapable of finding a cure for this new pandemic. Fortunately for humanity, scientists found a way to stop the virus, that is by putting uninfected human beings into a cryogenic sleep, in other words, a cold sleep. This way, the virus, like other microorganisms will be unable to breed and survive in such a harsh environment. With a hope that the virus will die off by itself over time or cured before they awake, the participants enter into a state of deep sleep, unbeknownst to them, they are all being monitored and used by another mysterious force. And when they finally wake up, they find their world and all forms of civilization in ruins around them…

As much as you think you know about how the story is supposed to go, you don’t know just as much. After reading, you think, “Bah, I know, they’re going to try to survive then along the way, uncover the dark secrets of some big-ass corporation and happy ending, yay.” Yes, and no. Yes, as in they going to try to survive the ensuing chaos then uncover the dark secrets of some corporation and…ending? That’s where you are wrong.

First, they thought they had been asleep for one hundred years or even longer Thorns 2than that, but they were dead wrong. They thought the hideous and deadly creatures were results of mutation after a long period of time, but, wrong once again. They thought they had been randomly selected. They were wrong. They thought they were already awake. Turns out…they weren’t.

No spoilers, don’t worry. I didn’t reveal enough to mean anything to you who haven’t watch the movie yet, but heck, yeah, that’s just about as unpredictable as it can get. The writing for the manga was exceptional, that’s for sure. The manga was dark, smart enough to fool everyone and thoroughly thought out. As for the anime, though, the meaning and some of the plot lines were changed or missed out. The result? The first half of the movie left viewers in suspense, trying to decipher the seemingly meaningless clues left behind whereas the second half resembles a mash-up of Inception, Godzilla and something from Studio Ghibli. And the viewers who were left in suspense? They were left hanging, metaphorically speaking. In a nutshell, the movie’s plot was gibberish except for some bits and pieces from the source material, though the modifications made when they tried to make a movie out of a 6-volume manga. Most of the backstory was drowned out, the character development flushed away and even the ending changed! The main antagonist changed too!

But well, other than the story, everything else was just fine.

The animation was Thorns 7masterfully done, although the 3D CGI was a little unnatural and lagging. The use of dark colours in its palette and the soundtrack successfully set the atmosphere for a chilling and eerie anime. Not only that, as a psychological survival movie,the action set-pieces were carefully placed Thorns 5and the suspense, as a result, was captivating. It left me on the edge of the seat, literally as the characters slug it out against monsters and what-nots, trying to survive.


Unlike many anime out there, this anime is quite straight-forward in a sense that Thorns 4it doesn’t try to bombard the viewers with distractions, like fillers and sexy bishoujos or whatever. Seriously, I find myself appreciating more and more anime like King of Thorns. No distractions. No thorns in the butt-hole, so to speak. I hate it when the producers think all teens are hormonal lumps of meat with ding-a-lings and bombard us all with extreme amounts of moe/gore/girls/sexual fantasies. As for King of Thorns, everything was, at the very leThorns 3ast, balanced and the gore which is the main feature of the movie was not excessive. Even though for people who have not read the manga, this movie should prove to be a worthwhile watch and are good for dealing with emotional hangovers.

Since today’s Valentine’s Day, today’s the day when shun all our occupied friends with their partners and lock ourselves in the room, watching anime and what-nots. Since we’re gonna do it, I suggest you do watch this anime. You’ll walk out of your room the next day like Valentine’s never existed. Trust me, I know.

So, as I stockpile my anime (Beelzebub, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni,  Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, City Hunter and Nodame Cantabile), I am trying to shut out all other distractions and focus solely on anime. Seriously, if anime wasn’t around, I don’t know how I can make it alive through the day. I’d probably end up roaming Facebook and fume over all lifeforms that are alive at this very moment.


Feel free to comment on my post to let me in to what you think of this anime, this post or even to give me feedback! All comments are greatly appreciated. If you like this or any other post, feel free to visit me on my blog,

Thank you and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

(I’m not that antisocial, by the way. I was joking.)

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