Cowboy Bebop – Review

A(nother) Review of Cowboy Bebop. Need I say more?


Cowboy Bebop Reviewed (For the 1,827,026,329th time. Don’t even bother attempting to read that figure aloud.)


You talk about anime in half of the anime communities out there, the name Cowboy Bebop will probably be brought up every three minutes or so. Ok, maybe that’s exaggerating but Cowboy Bebop is one of the revered classics of modern anime. No instrumental anime opening can surpass the Cowboy Bebop‘s opening and only a handful of anime main protagonists can even begin to challenge Cowboy Bebop‘s Spike Spiegel in terms of suave, collective coolness. In an attempt to put down the legend being the @$$#()!3 that I am, I’m ended up putting this anime on my list of favourite anime. Why? Ever heard of the story about the lawyer who tried to debunk the Bible and ended up becoming a Christian? Because it’s that %^@&ing good, that’s why.

Now, time for some jam!! (For maximum effect, please refrain from watching the video directly and  read the review while listening to the music. The TV size OP will be embedded to the end of this review so don’t worry.)

3, 2, 1, let’s jam! Spike and Jet are bounty hunters, living in their spaceship, The Bebop, in the distant future bebopin which the Earth is left in ruins after a stargate explosion. Due to Earth’s condition and the reliability and convenience of space travel at the time, humans have mostly deserted Earth and migrated to the other parts of the Solar System. In this vast areas of space, criminals roam free and the police force lack the sufficient manpower, thus getting the help of bounty hunters to hunt down criminals in return for a bounty. If you ask for a plot…I’ll give you…Tede tede tede tedede~~~ ‘Cause there’s fricking no plot!!!

Throughout the entire series, all you’ll see is Spike and Jet running all over place, attempting to catch criminals, meeting all sorts of people from different cultures and backgrounds, not forgetting having their past catching up with them. Throughout 26 episodes, Cowboy Bebop does absolutely nothing other than have the bounty hunters run up, down and all over, hunting down different villains, oddballs, criminals etc, even sometimes just messing around. On paper, it would seem like a space version of slice-of-life genre and somewhat boring. On paper, that is.

Trust me, watching the suave, carefree, happy-go-lucky yet stubborn Spike try to kill a immortal being in the form of a six-year-old kid is anything but boring. Watching Spike and Co. try to kill a mutated sea cucumber thing in their very ship ain’t bad either. In space, no one can hear you scream, eh?

So, this is all about Spike, is it?spike_spiegel Yes, most of Cowboy Bebop is about Spike. I don’t see how I would enjoy Cowboy Bebop without the one and only Spike, but no, this isn’t all about Spike. In everyday life, Spike would resemble the deranged @$&* sitting next to my cubicle, grumbling about every little thing in life, ranging from the lizard living in the office that leaves droppings on his table or the smell of the detergent the office cleaners use. The reason he is well-liked in the first place is the stuff he does. The way he walks, the way he fights, the way he talks, every move of his reminds me of the opening track, “Tank!”. Jazzy, suave and doesn’t seem to give a damn about everything and those characteristics only show when he’s doing something crazy. And he does stuff like that in almost every episode!

The fact is that the setting and the characters we meet in the show are so fun-filled and surreal that it seems so crazy. And crazy setting plus crazy characters plus crazy Spike equals to crazy stupid wacko stuff that makes me jump up and down, gets my blood pumping and gives me a high. Yup, it’s that crazy.

Is there anything else other than crazy shit? Surely, you cannot make an anime series that does nothing but do crazy stuff all day? Even if you made one, how are you going to end it?

(Please pause the OP and carry on reading, but this time, read it with the ED in the background for maximum effect. Don’t worry, the TV size of the ED will be embedded at the end of the review.)


Here is one of the most iconic scenes in the entire series even if it remains unmentioned when Cowboy Bebop is brought up. Here’s a tip of what happens during this scene: It has been foreshadowed throughout the entire 26 episodes, even IN THIS VERY REVIEW.

The ED song, “The Real Folk Blues” is sad, it implies that Spike has a pretty sad past, that much is certain. The problem is his past isn’t concluded yet and has a tendency of catching up to him too and it will. All the crew members of the Bebop have their own back story and they all are kind of sad in a way (except for the dog) but none is more violent and depressing than Spike. Every time you see Spike’s past catch up with, someone dies and even Spike is injured badly, whether it’s from explosions or knife wounds. How long can he continue to withstand this physical stress? I don’t care if you’re Spike or Levi or the damned bloody Terminator, you’re gonna get worn down eventually.

And remember what I said about how there is no way to end an anime like Cowboy Bebop? There is one way, and your mind is blocking the idea away. I mean, there’s no way something like that can happen, right?

Sorry, no can do, friend. That’s not how the world works. Even though I did mention that Cowboy Bebop is a fun-filled anime, it can be pretty sad in a way. The ending makes you feel that everything is only temporary and are like fireworks in the night sky: Blink, and it’s gone. It makes you question your existence in the world. What am I doing here on Earth? Why am I alive? What purpose do I serve? To make the world a better place? Or the opposite?

When you’re done with this anime, you’ll probably start acting like Spike ’cause he doesn’t worry much. He doesn’t worry about death but looks it in the eye even when he knows his death is imminent. No worries, no regrets. Don’t worry ’cause your days are numbered and that number’s not gonna change just because you’re paranoid.

So…if you’re still wondering whether if you should watch Cowboy Bebop, seriously, don’t be like me, ever the skeptic. No regrets. Don’t die wondering whether Cowboy Bebop is good or not. Just watch it.

you’re gonna carry the weight…
see you, space cowboy.

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