Amagi Brilliant Park – Review – Owaranai Magic Hour!! (I wish)

Amagi Brilliant Park, an anime from the Fall 2014 season reviewed. About a narcissist tasked to bring 250,000 guests to the world’s most disappointing amusement park with the help of fan service and lewd shots of girls!!


NEW!!! Up-and-coming amusement park in Japan, Amagi Brilliant Park is now officially opened to all!!!! PV (Promotional Video) below!

As you can see in the PV, Amagi Brilliant Park is an amusement park filled with adorable mascots, state-of-the-art technology built into the facilities and most importantly, it’s family orientated! Bring your families along for the maximum fun exp–

Amaburi 9

Amagi Brilliant Park is a 13-episode anime released during the Fall 2014 season and, boy oh boy, is it a one hell of fun ride! Despite its childish appearance, it really is one of the most entertaining series in the Fall 2014 season. And people, as always, judge it to be a childish cartoon despite not watching it. If you watched the PV above just now, you would have the same expression as the thousands of people who watched it:

Amaburi 10

Ah…no, no, no, I meant this one.

Dafuq 1

So, Amagi Brilliant Park revolves around a certain Kanie Seiya…saint-seiya-2015-2

Nope, not Saint Seiya. I meant Kanie Seiya, ok? This Seiya guy was just minding his own business when a mysterious and beautiful girl named Sento Isuzuisuzu

Ok, knock it off… enough of those terrible name puns. This Isu– Sento girl then forces Kanie to go with her on a date to Amagi Brilliant Park, which is called the world’s most disappointing amusement park. Sento then proceeds to bring him to meet the park’s princess who is from a mystical and magical world known as Maple Land…whose name is…

Amaburi 4

Wait…hold it…Latifa…Oddly familiar name…Latifa? As in Queen Latifah? Kanie…Kanye? Seiya means West…so, Kanye West?

Mind. Blown.

Good luck figuring out who Sento is supposed to be… let me give you a hint. Isuzu actually means fifty in Japanese, so…

Anyway, Qu–Princess Latifa proceeded to declare that Kanie is the one prophesied by the oracle that will be able to save the park in its current state, being the “most disappointing amusement park” as labeled by Kanie himself. And so, the journey to self-discovery and restoring the park to its former glory (?) begins!

At first glance, it is easy to write Amagi Brilliant Park off as a show for kiddies and has utterly ridiculous or otherwise nonsensical plot but actually, there is more than meets the eye. Like the names of the characters. Crazy names.

Of course, more on that later. But first, let me introduce you to the crew ofAmaburi 3 the Amagi Brilliant Park. We have Moffle, the chief mascot of the park and fairy of sugar and candies.He is Latifa’s uncle and shares a mutual dislike towards Kanie thus, they are constantly at odds with each other. Then, we have Macaron, the fairy of music in the form of a sheep. He plays the violin Amaburi 5and…metal. ‘Nuff said. We also have Tiramie, fairy of flowers in the form of a pink dog who enjoys…uh…charming older women and is a pervert. Together, the trio form the backbone of the various mascots in the park and have the most screen time.

Aside from the mascots, we also have the Elementario dance group, another group of oddballs and airheads fairies, just this time more…um…flesh. Service. You’ll know when you see them.

Amaburi 14
Ooh!!! I’ll have to hunch over!!!!!!

Last but not least, we also have the “mysterious and beautiful” Isuzu Sento, a royal guard assigned to protect Latifa. Due to her upbringing as a royal guard, her tendency towards violence and inability to convey her feelings is very much a running gag throughout the entire series. Allow me to demonstrate : Senjougahara Lite.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On paper, this show looks like comedic gags held together by a paper-thin plot and tends to get repetitive over time, but unlike most comedy anime out there, Amagi Brilliant Park actually has a plot. Despite its ridiculously nonsensical plot at first glance, the plot is actually quite realistic and relatable, especially if you work in the management department as Kanie and Co. attempts to beat the clock to attract 250,000 visitors in three months to prevent a multinational development company from taking over the amusement park.

As the crew of Amagi Brilliant Park engages in a rat race to attract visitors to the park, we are served with heart warming measures by the crew, ranging from PVs to selling off a huge plot of land to even resorting to getting families and friends to come over in the very last-minute. Of course, with these oddball characters like the mascots, we can have many things go wrong. And of course, these unorthodox oddballs think of the stupidest stuff to do.

Amaburi 8
Extreme Ironing, at best!

To be honest with you, I enjoyed this show quite thoroughly even though I didn’t quite like the looks of it at first. It may strike you as childish but let me assure you, this anime is not just for kids. Although the jokes were quite stupid, but it is so stupid that it became funny. But, stupidity aside, no other anime would be able to pull something like this off. One, because it features characters not of this world, literally, thus giving the writers more space for creative writing. Two, it’s simply because this anime has a lot of heart.

I mean, I have never seen something like this. The jokes are corny and cheesy but I didn’t feel anything because when I see the characters, I feel like snuggling up to them. I mean, all the characters, human or otherwise, are given so much development despite their limited screen time that you’d feel for them. You start to care for them unlike the generic characters we see in anime, these characters doesn’t just drive the plot. They literally are the plot, not through their backstories but through their actions.

I bet after those words you still won’t understand what I am talking about, so, here’s my verdict. This anime is a brilliant comedy anime that is genuinely heart-warming and despite its childish appearance, has a lot of heart and will make you laugh and cry all at once.

All in all, I freaking love this anime. I mean, what’s there not to love? Funnily crazy characters, great comedic timing and witty dialogue!

Amaburi 6

Go watch it, it’s definitely worth your time! Suddenly, it’d never ended. Sigh~~

Thank you very hunch for your time! See you in the next review!

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