Update On My Blogging Life

Updates in my busy life! Sorry for being MIA!


Hello, everybody!

Araragi 1

Sorry, I’ve been busy with moving and stuff. I just got accepted for Matriculation and there was a lot of stuff to do, and I couldn’t procrastinate on those kinds of stuff. Confidential and urgent and all.

Anyway, I’m back (Hopefully for much longer) and I have watched some old anime as well as caught up with the latest anime available in the Spring season, but to be honest, I don’t find this season’s anime very intriguing. With the exception of Kekkai Sensen and maybe, Arslan Senki, the rest was rather bland. (Not talking about sequels or spin-offs though.) But then again, the season is still young. But still, I no longer have any expectations for this season.

And no, people, please do not point to DanMachi. I know, Hestia is your waifu but don’t, seriously, don’t say anything about it. I won’t say it’s bad but I think I’ve had enough of Hestia. For now.

DanMachi 1

To all you guys who followed me waiting for my next post, I sincerely apologize and I’ll try my best to make up for it. Namely, maybe I’ll review a few anime that you guys suggest or state my opinion about some stuff that is all the rage in the world of the Internet! Like…maybe more Hestia?

DanMachi 2

Anyway, there’s a stockpile of anime that I haven’t review so be sure to check them out when I publish them. Till then, chow!

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