How In The World, Heaven and Earth, Did This Happen?

Have you ever woke up one day, feeling like your life has been nothing but a dream? Have you ever experienced an otherworldly/surreal feeling when you look around you, as you wonder to yourself: “Why do the birds go on singing? Why do the stars glow above?”


But that’s exactly what I felt when I switched on my laptop to check on my blog. Bloody hell, how on earth did I still retain this much viewers?!
I have no idea, but I would like to thank all of you reading this for still supporting my blog, even though I am a lousy time manager and has appeared to have deserted my blog. Regardless of whether or not you guys know it, you guys gave me the motivation to continue writing, even though I’m so busy. So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers and to apologize for not updating as frequently as before.


So, I’m back and I reckon I should just provide a quick update to my readers out there and let them know what to expect.

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned it, but I am now in college.


Well, yeah. I’m a twat in my nappies reviewing anime. I’m pretty sure people who don’t know me would think of me as some crazy college nerd somewhere out there, reviewing god-forsaken anime while fapping to some tentacle porn/hentai/panty shots.

Well, no shit, Sherlock!


Anyway, an insight into my college life. Well, I’m definitely no rich ass, sunbathing in the Malibus, while sipping on cocktails and liqour. In fact, I’m so poor that I am living in a third-world country, and living off government sponsorship for my undergraduate education. Well, given that I am actually studying in a place in which my education is fully sponsored by my third-world country government, I can’t expect a life fit for a king.

In fact, there is no Wi-Fi provided in this place, and even if I come across a Wi-Fi hotspot with Internet connection, I would have to settle for a ridiculously slow speed. I won’t specify the exact details and statistics, but if I did, you would:

  1. Laugh your butt off.
  2. Cringe at the screen like some retard, while trying to imagine life with such mental torture.
  3. Roll on the floor. Try not to cry. Cry a lot.

Due to the horror of not having an Internet speed that will enable me to download an episode of HD anime within seconds, my ability to watch anime and post updates on the go has been severely affected, thus leading to a posting drought.

The other problem I have with being in this particular college is that, I am in the supposedly “fast-track” course to prepare me into university. That means, extra classes are the norm around here and the lecturers go speeding through the syllabus at break-neck speed. Thank goodness I am so smart and still can take naps in the afternoon.


Well, jokes aside, I am also severely lacking in sleep and time and I no longer have the luxury of watching 3 hours of anime non-stop. Even if I have the time, I tend to rest my head on my throne of rest and bliss: my bed. As a result, I have not watched Youtube anime reviews and Pewdiepie in a long time. Being cut off from my source of entertainment(mostly) and inspiration, I have lost almost all my motivation to review anything at all. However, fret not, I have rearranged my schedule as the dust settles, so I should be able to produce reviews on a fortnightly basis, and hopefully, even on a weekly basis some time later.

On a side note, my standard of English may differ, hopefully by only a little bit. That’s because everyone here doesn’t speak in English. Whaddaya think? I ain’t livin’ in America, y’know? Anyway, I have not conversed properly in English ever since I arrived here 3 weeks ago. That is also a major problem that has been bothering me. Should my level of English drop in quality, how am I to continue with this blog?

Well, that’s all the problems I have been facing here in this piece of shit college with no air-conditioning nor a proper Wi-Fi. Actually, there are many others like hygiene and food, but that has nothing to do with my blog, so I’ll leave that issue aside.

But don’t worry, I will have something to review. For example, I am waiting for the final episode of Fate/Stay Night: UBW to release two days from now. I am poised to review that show and I am going to enjoy it.


The many ongoing series are also on my list of anime to be reviewed, like Kekkai Sensen and Arslan Senki. On a side note, I was geniunely surprised when they announced in one of the episodic previews that Kekkai Sensen will be only 12-episodes long.


So, that is all from me for today. I apologize for using so many memes again, but blame Google if you will. Anyway, you can expect a review next week and I shall try my very best not to disappoint you guys. Well then, thank you for all your support all this while, and as always, ciaossu!