10 Anime Series You Need to Watch Before You Die (Part 2)

Dying refers to the act of y’know, kicking the bucket and spilling your guts or whatever is inside all over the floor. Just before you go though, you’ve gotta explore the world thoroughly enough, and what better way to do just that than to watch anime?


Anime encompasses most aspects of modern day life, from the quirky to the weird, and believe it or not, anime doesn’t exist merely for entertainment purposes and to fill TV ratings.


Scheduled to drop dead very soon? Not enough time? Don’t fret, here is a list of the 10 anime you should most definitely watch before you die.

Well at least, this is part 2 of the whole list, so if you haven’t read part 1, click here.  So, let’s kick off this bucket…list.



6. Bakemonogatari


Ah yes, one of my favourite anime of all time. This one actually got me to watch anime full time (Who needs those useless live action shows, when I have anime……Hehehehe…) and this one is bound to blow your mind.

Arguably, this show is the pinnacle of anime weirdness, with an introduction to aloof Japanese wordplay and one-liners and ad-libs and…

Well, see for yourself…

If you’d actually watched until the very last, you’d noticed that there was a confession by the loli to Muraragi-san. It may seem weird to you but don’t worry, don’t freak out. There is a reason to why she said that, but I’m not gonna tell you why. Watch it yourself, hehehe…

(And no, I’m not a lolicon.)


This show is awesome because even though the show revolves entirely about talking, it still managed to take the viewers for a ride of their lifetime. If you’d asked me to summarize this show’s plot without all the dilly-dallying into a video, the video would only be approximately 30 minutes long. But alas, what would be the point?

The show utilizes the use of imagery to hide implicit meanings behind all the wordplay and the show is pretty good for a show that revolves about talking. The show is only 15 episodes long, but I would recommend you watching the second season as well, Nisemonogatari, which is 11 episodes long.

Trust me, my friend introduced me to it and I’ve never turned back since. In total, I have watched this show 35 times over already and you would too. Just get past the rather slow paced first episode and you’d fall in love with this show.

Trust me.

7. Slam Dunk


Well, well, well, if it isn’t a blast from the past, the predecessor of Kuroko no BasukeSlam Dunk.

This show is my childhood, baby, and arguably, one of the most realistic sports anime I have ever seen. Nope, no friendship trope, no special powers, no killer auras and definitely no Double-Triple Zone with laser spinning from eyes involved here. Just plain ol’ basketball.

Arguably, this show is the pinnacle of sports anime. No sports anime has every gotten close to this one in terms of popularity, with the exception of Kuroko no Basuke, and minus all the yaoi fanfiction you’d normally get from KnB and a whole lot more of heart-pounding, 100% pure basketball.

If you’ve never watched sports anime in your whole life, it’s time to start. This show will get you hooked. Trust me.

8. Clannad Afterstory


As people say, until you’ve watched this show and cried a million tears, you are not a true anime fan. Well, I didn’t cry that much, so I’m not a true anime fan.


Well, if you didn’t know about this show, surely you don’t frequent the Internet as much as I do because everywhere I go, I see this show, one way or another. Either that or you’re from Taiwan or China. They don’t seem to have a clue either.

Anyway, this show along with Angel Beats, Air, Anohana, is widely regarded as vanguard of the sad anime genre. Though this show may be much, much popular than the rest, this show is also one of the most well-done sad anime ever. Though there are many ways this show could be more polished and drawn out, I find myself ignoring all those flaws, because this show is simply astounding.

Well, technically I didn’t cry watching this show, I was touched by how saddening the things the main character has to go through and the harsh reality and cold fate that befalls on this poor guy.

Definitely a show you should watch before you die.

9. Cowboy Bebop


If you asked a devout anime fan that has been around since the olden days, if you were to ask him his/her favourite anime opening song, chances are, he is going to mention…

(Cue opening theme…)

This show is one of the last anime series to be made using cel animation. Cel animation is the outdated way to make anime. What happens is that a group of artists come together and draw out every scene, frame by frame, on transparent sheets, known as cel. Now, the sheets were put into a machine that processed it into film reels which is the product. That being said, this sort of animation technique is extremely costly as it requires a large number of artists and involves a high level of detail being put into it.

Despite this, Cowboy Bebop is one of the slickest shows I have ever seen in my entire life. For some reason, I found myself mesmerized by the fluidity of the action scenes as if I could see each frame, each and every one of those hand-drawn frames just flying past me. I normally don’t think like this, but in this case, I think old is gold.

And, remember Yoko Kanno, the music producer I mentioned in the first part of my list? Well, she produces the music in this show as well, and boy, is it awesome!

Ths jazzy elements and the use of soundtracks that sound so heavenly is what defines the show. Well, I could go on and on about how good the show is, but I’d rather have you watched it for yourself. One of greatest feels of all time, suave, slick, dynamic, and touching.

If you like anime and not like Cowboy Bebop, then there’s probably no talking to you.

10. Serial Experiment Lain

The last entry on the list… Ah, how sad. We’ve arrived to our final entry on this list. Well, there were plenty of shows I could think of that I wanted to put on this list, for example, all the shows below and much more, but I would leave this spot open for this one show. The show that can be considered the most mind-bending show in anime history.


Much could be said about this show being the most confusing, but much can also be said about this show being the most realistic. This show revolves around the Wired, which is like the Internet and how an ordinary school girl fused her consciousness with the Wired. Many dark and grim themes surrounding the Internet are thoroughly explored in this dark and twisted show, once again proving that in anime, there is more than meets the eye.


Honorable Mentions:

5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters

Well, technically this isn’t a series but, you know…um…I gotta pee.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

attack on titan

Ergo Proxy

Azumanga Daioh

Fate/ Zero


So, there you have it, the 10 (and then some) anime to watch before you kick the fan and spill the bucket with sh*t cause y’know, who cares?

Shout out to my friend, Oumi Kayako, cause she’s probably still skeptical about me actually writing this blog and stuff…Yeah, don’t mind me.

Sorry for posting this one week plus after Part 1 was released, kind of busy since the exams are coming up and I have to study once in a while, you know? Otherwise, I’d really kick the bucket.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Till the next post, cheerio!