ReLIFE – Review – Fruitful Second Chances

The world of adults are terrifying. As a grown-up, you have so many things to deal with: societal pressures to conform to, seemingly insurmountable living expenses, and most horrifying of them all, the complex and evil human nature. You no longer can call people out for things you think is wrong, nor can you be free and do whatever you like. In other words, you have to grow up. To survive the world of adults, you must become an adult yourself. But, must you really change? Can’t you just be yourself? Is it really a good thing to be an adult?

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How’s that for something to think about when you go to work today?

ReLIFE is an anime adapted from the ongoing webcomic of the same name and all 13 episodes were aired on Japanese national TV on the 1st of July. It is directed by Tomo Kosaka, who has been a episode director on Axis Power Hetalia, and is produced by TMS Entertainment, which incidentally also producing Orange which premieres this season. It has been quite widely anticipated by Western fans on the Internet, and after finishing the show, I now know why. (Please don’t read it up on Wikipedia, there are a lot of spoilers there.)


Relife 1

ReLIFE revolves around a jobless 27 year old man named Kazaki Arata, who is struggling to make ends meet after quitting his job just after 3 months. Due to him quitting his job after such a short period of time, society do not think highly of him and thus, he is unable to acquire a job easily, so is forced to take up part-time jobs to make ends meet.

However, his job predicament soon ends when he is greeted by a mysterious man, Yoake Ryou who claims to be from the ReLIFE experimentation program. This experiment is aimed to reestablish NEETs (Not in Education, Employment and Training) and shut-ins into society, and to reinvigorate people who has lost faith in society. Yoake offers Kazaki with a second chance at life: a pill that will make him look younger by ten years and a contract to attend highschool for one year as a student. In return, his living expenses will be reimbursed in full by the program and depending on how things go, he may even be offered a job after that one year period.

Relife 1

Down on his luck and failing to find a job, he hesitantly accepts the offer and attends the third year of highschool as a normal 17 year old student. Along the way, he makes new friends, relive his highschool life and maybe, even find out what went wrong in his life.


Have you ever had the feeling that something is terribly wrong with the society? First of all, how is it that our one and only life becomes secondary to earning money? Why is it that our happiness, our life becomes dependent on numbers in your bank account? In the corporate world, hardworking individuals can become tools to be used to achieve a certain goal, and when that goal is achieved, people get brushed aside like they don’t matter.

In the face of society, we need to wear a mask to hide our feelings from others, because somehow, our happiness has become dependent on society’s perception of us. What’s wrong with that, though? Everyone does that, so why shouldn’t we do that too?

This show explores the root of this sort of crowd mentalism which dates back to the later years of our school life. It doesn’t depict adulthood as a utopian, happy world, but a dark and grim reality. In the show, as Kazaki relives his school days, with the experience he gained from adulthood, he draws various parallels to his own adult life and provides the viewers with some commentaries about larger-than-life topics like bullying, faith and even suicide.

However, the show isn’t just all serious, because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. (Pardon the Shining reference)


This show has a lot of lighter moments especially in the beginning of the show, and approaching the end of the show, it becomes heartwarming as we watch these youthful highschoolers live their lives to their fullest, thanks to the constant, subtle meddling of Kazaki.

So is the plot any good? It is, in fact, it’s great. I really enjoy the exploration of much mature and hardhitting themes in these shows, as well as the comedy in the show. The innocent nature of the plot contrasts with the darker, more gritty themes, and the result is thought-provoking and at the same time, heart-warming.

Relife 1

But if there’s one thing I could complain about this show, it’s that the writing of the show tends to meander from time to time and the transition from one perspective to another isn’t as smooth as it could be. For example, when we are watching the show from the eyes of Kazaki, the show may switch pace abruptly and the viewers need to switch perspective to that of a highschooler or risk not getting the full picture. I was watching the fourth episode and to the end, I noticed I was missing out and I had to rewind to 8 minutes earlier to rewatch things.


The hyper-realistic themes of ReLIFE would normally requires some hyper-realistic settings, right? Actually, that’s not quite the case, in fact, the writers of the show have made it very clear that this show is a fantasy. They do not intend to talk about nor explore how the pill from the ReLIFE lab can change the anatomy of the body to make it look younger. That’s because there is no such thing and is an excuse to bring the main protagonist into the world of highschool.

Relife 1

The fantasical setting may tick some people off, because “it’s not real”, but then again, hey, this is TV we’re talking about, right? When is it supposed to real, aside from National Geographic and the History Channel? The show doesn’t try to sell you the idea of a magic pill, but rather focuses on the themes of friendship, adulthood and growing up. So, in a way, it’s effective enough to give the show a sense of urgency, but not ridiculous enough to throw you off the show altogether, in which case I think is good thing.


For this show to work, first and foremost, the characters must work, and they work, to some extent. Kazaki, the main protagonist, is a highly relatable person. He is an ordinary person who is hardworking, sociable and generally a good person, but due to a traumatic experience, he loses confidence in himself and loses faith in the world. He constantly questions himself and tries to look for the “correct” answer, even though he very well knows there is no certain correct answer. He is the character that anyone who has experience adulthood can cast him or herself into. He is by no means dumb or insociable, but he is unwilling to open himself to others, though as the story progresses, he begins to open up his emotions to people surrounding him.

Relife 1

The next most interesting character would be Hishiro Chizuru, a honour student who tops her grade academically but lacks social skills. Her chemistry with the main protagonist is likable and as the show progresses, she begins to change due to her interactions with the main protagonist. The duo easily carry the show, and their chemistry is also the best in the show.

Despite these two good characters, the rest of the characters lack depth. The most obvious would be Rena Kariu, as she is just plain stubborn and at times, downright annoying. She is extremely competitive, stubborn but actually just plain confused deep down inside. However, her stubbornness is unreasonable most of the time, and no clue is offered as to why she acts in such a way. She is also given the most screentime compared to most of the supporting cast but honestly, I just couldn’t relate such a character.

Though, the rest of the characters may not be good, intriguing characters, but they do serve to move the story forward so, it’s okay to have them around.

Graphics & Soundtrack:

This is easily one of the most departments that I have a problem with. For such a character driven show, it is paramount that the characters themselves be well-animated. However, the details given to the show’s characters are limited especially the facial expressions. They have little variations and the character animation is kind of stiff. Aside from that though, the visuals themselves are bearable and are quite good in fact, especially the backdrops.

Relife 1

Music is not one of the show’s strong points. The soundtracks have little to no variations, resulting in somewhat cheap sounding soundtracks, they are very limited. Most of the tracks use keyboards and strings, and one or two tracks have drums in them, but that’s it. They aren’t simple enough to be considered simplistic, but definitely don’t have the complexity of other, more musically-capable shows. I do enjoy the opening theme “Button” by Penguin Research quite a bit though.


A show that has a gripping plot, intriguing settings and hard-hitting themes, only to be bogged down by meandering focus, mediocre visuals and less than stellar supporting cast, ReLIFE is the show everyone is and should be talking about. It perfectly illustrate how well anime, as a medium, can tell great stories. However, I would have preferred it if ReLIFE is made into a real life drama. It would have made more sense given its larger-than-life themes and people would take it much more seriously.

Relife 1

Even though I say this anime is not the best thing ever, it is, at its core, a great story about adulthood, change and the societal worries we all face in our daily lives.

After meticulously calculating the points awarded for story, settings, character development, graphics & soundtracks, and of course, my personal enjoyment, I shall award ReLIFE with a rating of:

8.32 (Near Great)

After watching a compelling show like that, even I am forced to reconsider myself, am I living my life to the fullest? To be honest, I don’t know, though although it would be meddlesome, I would ask that you watch it too. It’s not like you’ll cry or anything, but it will make you think. Hard.

Have you watched this show? What do you think about it? Comment below and I will see you in the next review. Ciao~


Bungou Stray Dogs (Season One) Review – Much Wow, Such Doge

Written April 30th 2016

Watched 3 out of 12 episodes

Overall Rating: 1

I started watching this show, thinking that this show would have great plot and memorable characters but unfortunately, this show let me down so bad. Reason: This show had nothing to do with dogs at all!!! I can’t believe Japan did this, using dogs’ name so irresponsibly! Time to call PETA.

BTW, this show had nothing to do with dogs, or bungee jumping at all, despite what the title would have you believe. Instead, it features a ragtag group of detectives with superpowers. Aside from a referential main concept that is utterly useless, this show is an unoriginal and uninspiring disappointment! Also, misleading as hell!



Metaphorically, I mean. Please don’t attempt to milk your horses in any way, they will get upset. We all will.


Actual review below ->

Bungou Stray Dogs

Atsushi Nakajima was kicked out of the orphanage he resided in, and weeks later, he arrives at the city, searching for shelter and food. Starving and homeless, he decided to resort to crime out of desperation and starvation. However, before he could do rob anyone, he finds a person drifting down the river and Atsushi reluctantly saves him from drowning. It turns out that man, Ozamu Dazai, is a suicidal maniac, and also genius detective working for the Armed Detective Agency, the fabled detective agency comprising of super powered individuals. Unbeknownst to AtsushiDazai and his partner, Doppo Kunikida, are in fact, on a dangerous mission that has more connection to the bewildered Atsushi than he thinks.


I recognize phenomenal writing when I see it. To have a good plot, you not only have to be entertaining, but also have consistency and great pacing. The layout of Bungou Stray Dogs is largely similar to the first season of Durarara!! and some other shows, for that matter. The first half of the show would focus on world building and character development, while in the later half of the show, the main plot would start to kick in and the pacing would pick up. I won’t say the writing for the first 12 episodes of this show is flawless, but it did better than Durarara!!

Bungou Stray Dogs 1

People have mixed opinions about Durarara!! Some say the first half of the show was great, while the later half couldn’t live up to the promise of the first half. Others say otherwise. I for that matter, thought both halves had their flaws. In the context of this review, in my opinion, Durarara!!‘s first half was plagued by inconsistency and overcrowding. There was just too much happening, and sometimes it can get overwhelming. Bungou had a much better time when it is introducing its characters, and it was ultimately much more engaging due to good pacing.

That one episode aside (Episode 11), the show was consistent throughout and most episodes feature mini cliffhangers that offers enough intrigue to keep you hooked but not enough to overwhelm you.


The whole debacle about people with abilities is not exactly very original. In fact, it is a dated set-up dating back to the pre-2000s. What’s new, you may ask? Well, not much. If you were expecting Holmes-esque detective stories, well, don’t hold your breath. While it may have an one or two episodes about actual detective work, it’s still nothing to shout about.

Bungou Stray Dogs 2

The central conflict between the Armed Detective Agency and its illegal counterpart, Port Mafia serves as the backdrop for the show and sets up for great action scenes. This backdrop is great and all, but it isn’t the main focus of the show, but it will kick up a notch in the second season. And boy, am I really excited for the second season.

So, what’s intriguing about this show, you may ask? Well, if there is one thing we could learn about entertainment from Hollywood, it’s that you don’t need an entirely original setting to be entertaining. It’s intrigue doesn’t come from the awfully new setting, but it’s great pacing and (wait for it) it’s characters.


Despite what you may be led to believe by naysayers, the character development of this show is actually best part of this show. Let’s talk about the main characters. Atsushi is your typical main character with the cliche backstory we all are familiar with. Out of place MC? Check. No parents and relatives? Check. Naive? Check. Dense? Check. Well, he may not be very original and intriguing, and the show knows it. The writers doesn’t try to shove the character down your throat but instead, he is used to subtly introduce the various characters. The plot is still centered around him though, but he still can hold on on his own.

Bungou Stray Dogs 2

What the main character cannot do, the supporting characters compensate. The main duo, Kunikida and Dazai is by far the most entertaining and the most developed characters. Both of them have contrasting personalities and interesting backstories. They both have a lot of potential to be great characters and a lot of mystery surrounds these two. They remind a lot of Izaya and Shizuo, from Durarara!!, and they also remind me of the interesting characters the Durarara!! duo could have become. I really want to see these two from Bungou evolve from their current state into great characters. I have a lot of hope for them.

The rest of the cast have a limited screentime, mostly limited to one episode per character. I won’t complain though, the writers don’t have 50 episodes to work on.

Bungou Stray Dogs 2

The main complaint people have with this show is that the characters are comical and very goofy at times. While I don’t mind the goofiness myself, many were “appalled”, at least according to MAL. I think what the writers were going for comedic relief in the form of goofiness, but they failed to achieve the heights they were aiming for. It wasn’t bad though, however, it should be said that that the goofiness can be passed off as a failed attempt at comedy. Still, it is a somewhat integral part of the show but not so much to the extent that it may ruin the show completely. In short, the humour may tick you off but bear with it, and you will be rewarded.

Graphics & Sound Design

Graphically speaking, this show is superb. The animation is superb and the use of bright colors is phenomenal. Overall, it is top notch. Studio Bones are at the helm of animating this show, so it should be to no one’s surprise that this looks so good. The action scenes were especially great, well-choreographed and visually stunning.

Bungou Stray Dogs 1

The soundtracks are also very good. It reminded me a lot of Kekkai Sensen‘s jazzy, upbeat soundtrack and serves as an awesome backdrop to the madness unfurling before our eyes. The OP and especially the ED were quite good. Granrodeo’s track, “Trash Candy” was the usual rock number you’d come to expect from them, but the animation sequence were kind of generic, in my opinion. The ED, Luck Life’s “Namae wo Yobu wo” is one of my favourite anime ED of all time. I liked the melancholic feel of the song and swooning melody a lot, and this track alone makes me feel like I wanna buy Luck Life’s EP on the App Store. It is THAT good.


This show in my opinion, is one of the best shows to come out in Spring 2016. And, no I don’t think Re:Zero is best anime of the season. Sorry. I enjoyed this show quite a lot, despite it’s popularity or rather, lack of. For me, it represents Durarara!!‘s unfulfilled promise of refined storytelling and interesting character development, and combines that with the jazzy, upbeat tone of Kekkai Sensen.

It have good writing, great pacing, promising characters and amazing visuals. It may not be as popular as the ongoing shows like Re:Zero and Boku no Hero Academia, but it could very well surpass them both in terms of storytelling and characters. Well, that would depend on the second season airing this Fall, so how it would fare is anybody’s guess.

Bungou Stray Dogs 1

It does have some flaws, here and there, but I still find it to be highly entertaining.

And so, after meticulously calculating the points awarded for story, character development, graphics & soundtracks, as well as my personal enjoyment, I hereby decide to award this show the rating:

8.11 (Promising)

So, there you have it: My first review of this season’s anime. I really liked this show and the promise of a tantalizing character driven story. One can only hope they don’t screw up, but then, who knows?

Tanaka-kun Itsumo Kedaruge finished earlier today, so I may finish watching that last episode and complete my review for it. And next week, I will have finished Koutetsujou no Cabaneli and Sakamoto desu ga so hopefully, will have another review up by next weekend. I still have one episode of Tanaka-kun to watch, so I will see you in the next one. Ciao!

Parasyte : The Maxim – Review – Right Hand Rules and Philosophy

If you have the right to live, so do we. Granted, I believe rights are a concept unique to the human species.

– Migi

Humans are a cowardly bunch, they have many things they fear because they have many things that they do not understand. Because of that, we humans are inclined to seek knowledge.


Some seek scientific knowledge, some turn to religion in hopes to quell their fears, some turn to atheism to dispel fears of the unknown by claiming they don’t exist. But, curiosity drives us. It motivates us.


We think, we try, we experiment. Philosophers come and go, scientific discoveries are documented one after another, but we could never possibly, especially by ourselves, answer the age-old question:

“Why do we exist?”



Parasyte: The Maxim answers this question….and more…


Parasyte The Maxim

Parasyte: The Maxim is an anime adapted from the 1988 science fiction horror manga by the same name. It revolves around Izumi Shinichi, a normal, nerdy 17-year old teenager. One day, a parasitic worm-like creature attempted to enter his head and take control of his brain. However, it failed as he slept with his earphones on and when it decided to enter through the nose, Shinichi was alerted to its presence. In a desperate bid to enter Shinichi’s body to avoid death, it burrowed into Shinichi’s right hand and settled there.

Parasyte the Maxim 1

The next day though, Shinichi realized that his right hand was now under the influence of another creature. Shinichi realized that the creature was a highly intellectual being albeit having the emotional sentiments of an insect, and called it Migi, literally ‘right’ in Japanese. Migi is a rather selfish creature as it cares only for its own survival and could shape-shifts Shinichi‘s right hand, changing the composition of the hand while doing so.

Meanwhile, Migi’s failure, as a parasite, to destroy the human consciousness drew the attention of Migi’s comrades and some of them decided that Shinichi and Migi are both dangerous to their species, thus attacking them. Their lives now at stake, the duo now have to work together to fend off other parasites that have taken over the brains of their human hosts.

Parasyte the Maxim 5

The plot of the anime adaptation is rather simplistic. There is no distinct plot or story arcs. Rather, it follows the daily life of Shinichi and Migi as they attempt work around the obstacles faced as they go about their daily lives. It doesn’t attempt to do anything clever, but follows the plot and makes up things as they go.

The more interesting portions of the show focuses on the philosophical side of the story. The psychological aspect of the plot is rather interesting, as you follow the ups and downs of the characters’ mental state. Such a thought-provoking plot is commendable and the execution was flawless. There were not many plot-holes but if there were such plot holes, they wouldn’t be obstructive or even obvious enough to be noteworthy.

Parasyte the Maxim 2

The character development of the show was rather intriguing too. The variety of characters, humans and parasites alike, ranging from serial killers to detectives to parasite mothers are rather interesting to watch. I mean, watching parasitic creatures with the sentiment of an insect trying to figure out human reasoning is definitely a much needed change of pace compared to the regular anime cliches to be had.

That being said, the main human characters do feel a tad bit dull in comparison (Just a tad bit, mind you) since they were regular high-school students, but I’d leave that to your own discretion. Everyone’s tastes are different after all.

However, it is interesting to point out that the manga the anime is adapted from is as ‘seinen’ as it gets. It’s gritty, it’s dirty, it’s bloody, and most of all, it’s downright gross. Let me give you an example.

Parasyte the Maxim 6

Do you know the reason for the anime setting being in an high school? No, it was not because it was following a set anime-high school trope. The reason the author chose to set the story in a high school was actually out of consideration for a particular scene in which Migi shape-shifts Shinichi’s right hand into the shape of a penis in front of the main heroine, Satomi Murano.

In fact, in one scene of the already toned-down anime, Migi was obviously very interested in how the human body (Read ‘d***’) works and promptly tried to cause an erection when Shinichi is answering nature’s call in the school toilet. It also referred to Satomi as the girl Shinichi wants to ‘mate’ with, which he eventually did in the later half of the anime. I can already imagine those bloody doujinshi authors franticall churning out hentai manga based on this anime. ‘Cuz you know, inspiration strikes only once, right? Especially with shape-shifting, tentacle-like right hand, y’know?

Parasyte the Maxim 4
Now you know where all the masturbation jokes came from.

If you’re grossed out already, don’t worry. This anime adaptation is extremely toned down and almost all the sexually charged parts of the manga has been left out, replaced with only the less offensive and sometimes rather awkward sex references. Even the gory parts that was supposed to be the main attraction of the manga itself was toned down so much so that blood splatters on the wall is probably the goriest scenes you will get from the anime. The parasites themselves were also less intimidating and scary compared to their manga counterparts.

Parasyte the Maxim 3

While that is the price to pay in exchange for being produced as an anime, I wouldn’t say it was for the better. It’s not as if I have a fetish for shape-shifting hands or extreme gore, but in the anime adaptation, there are many scenes that felt a little odd as there were parts of the story that felt as if there were missing portions. Though I can’t help but feel a little weird, the alterations did not directly affect the story.

However, it did alter the overall feel of the anime. Instead of feeling as if it were a seinen horror science fiction, it feels like it is adapted from a shounen action manga. While it doesn’t necessarily means that the anime is bad, it is safe to say that the feel of the anime has deviated from that of the manga.

Parasyte the Maxim 7

The animation is fluid and well done, though not exactly very outstanding. I guess it will suffice. Not every studio is like Ufotable, after all. The music though, was quite peculiar. For some reason, the background is very jarring and definitely didn’t suit the show at all. The piano background music in sentimental scenes were out-of-place due to its pacing and the dubstep/techno soundtracks during the fight/confrontation scenes were so weird that I actually found it hard to take that particular scene seriously because the music was too weird.

All in all, Parasyte: The Maxim is an enjoyable anime with fluid pacing and packs a lot of punch. Even though I say that, it is not exactly very memorable as it lacks something that stands out among the crowd. If anything, the BGM is the only thing about the anime that stands out. I mean, in today’s anime realm filled with multi-colored haired characters and cross-dressing traps (in the 2015 summer season, there are already two main characters I know of that are traps), you’ve gotta have something that stands out to be great, and that is the one thing that is lacking in this anime.

Thus, after I have meticulously calculated the scores for plot, character development, animation and sound, and my own personal enjoyment, which I have injected with 5 individual parasites, making it into an impervious, invisible yet fragile being of mass destruction, I decided to award Parasyte: The Maxim with a rating of:

8.05 (Good)

There you have it, my review of Parasyte: The Maxim. Well, I know I said some bad things about the show in the past, but now that I’ve watched the whole thing, I would say it is quite good. I still won’t say it’s the best though.


I know, I sound rather serious and all in this review, but I just can’t joke about a show like this. Well, maybe just the occasional masturbation joke that doesn’t seem appropriate at all. I just finished my mid-semester examination and binge-watched the whole Parasyte series in two days and even caught up to the latest episode of Ushio to Tora. Now all I have to do is find a reliable Wi-Fi to upgrade to Windows 10.

I am now flexing my muscles to binge-watch another series. This time around though, it’s a 51-episode long, well known anime series. It’s a little old, but the animation is splendid and I’m enjoying it so far. Out of all the ongoing series, I found only a few worthy of my attention. That is a story for another day, though.

So, till the next post, Cheerio!


Genocyber – Review – Gore and Controversy

Do you like mindless gore?




Genocyber 5


*throws up*


Genocyber: The Animation is a 1993 anime OVA series that is adapted from an unfinished manga series by the same name. It revolves around two sisters, Elaine and Diana Reed. Both were revealed to have extremely powerful telekinesis powers and are raised as biological weapons. Kenneth Reed, claiming to be their father, wanted to fuse the two sisters together in order to create a bigger, stronger monster with unlimited power.

Genocyber 4

However, Kenneth Reed wasn’t the only one who wanted to get his hands on this weapon that is capable of mass destruction. His superiors and employers, Kuryuu Group, discovered the existence of such a weapon and proceeded to capture Elaine Reed, who was more powerful than her sister, Diana.

Here’s the catch, though. Unlike DianaElaine is utterly disobedient towards her father and often escapes from the facility in which she was kept in. During one such occasion, she meets a homeless boy and becomes attached to him. When the people of Kuryuu Group decides to capture Elaine, and Diana was sent by Kenneth Reed in order to prevent Elaine from falling into the hands of the Kuryuu Group, all hell breaks loose.

Genocyber 2

This OVA series is split into three story arcs and there are time intervals between the three. The plot is rather complex, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself lost in the midst of all the chaos.

This OVA series is produced in 1993 and is infamous for its controversial graphic violence and gore. The show really pulled no punches as it cynically, almost gleefully, unfurls the madness that is Genocyber. Despite having so many weight-y themes in the story, I find myself unshaken by everything that is going on. Why, you may ask?

Well, even though I didn’t want to admit it, I am after all, such a strong and willful person. I have endured the darkest recesses of the Internet and developed a heart of stone. Puny human beings like you wouldn’t possibly comprehend my hardness. In fact, I am so hard that I…

Genocyber 1

*throws up*


*Ahem* As I was saying, this show isn’t for the light-hearted, for sure. More so, for those people who actually get offended easily, because this show tries its very best to offend. Ranging from child sexual molestation to severe mutilation and decapitation, this show is extremely violent and graphic.

Most people who watch this show would either loathe it or love it, mainly because of its gore and violent plot. While I do understand the reasoning behind them liking or hating it, I find myself rather unaffected by all of that.

It isn’t necessarily because I am a strong person or whatever. The main reason for me not over-reacting like the others is because I found the show to be rather pointless. Aside for to establish itself as a cyberpunk gore anime and to penetrate the Western market by shaking it to its very core, I couldn’t find much other reason to justify the usage of graphic scenes.

Genocyber tries way too hard to be what it isn’t and is better off without so much gore. If it wasn’t trying so hard to shake things up, the story wouldn’t be drowned out, and at its fullest potential, it could very well shake up the community despite having considerably less gore.

For example, if the more sentimental parts or the complex portions of the sci-fi story were to be explained more thoroughly, I’m pretty sure it would have been so much more than just a bloodbath that it is now.

Genocyber 3

It’s too bad that the plot is under-developed and drowned out by all the gore and bloodshed. The motives of the characters weren’t explained thoroughly enough either, and that causes the viewers to be unable to relate to the them.

The animation, on the other hand is rather detailed and it kind of brings out the troubling atmosphere of the show. Despite that, this is 2015 and I doubt the old school animation, no matter how detailed, can be successfully translated into the modern world today. I mean, how can animation of old be able to match up against the technology we have now? (Aside from Cowboy Bebop, that is.) Surely, it wouldn’t be able to retain the same impact as it had back in those days. The music, the BGMs and the ending theme were old-school but suited the show rather well. At least, that’s what I think.

With all that being said, after meticulously calculating the points awarded for story, character, music and animation and my personal enjoyment, having it undergo a massive surgery which removes all its skin and muscle tissues, revealing internal organs within, had me awarding this show with a rating of:

7 (Average)

If you like gore and want more of it, I point you towards the revered gore anime of all time, Corpse Party: Tortured Souls. I mean, it’s not everyday that you can find so much intestines and psychological torture in one place. Intestines are fine, but if it were to be human…

*throws up*


If you want more 1990s anime bullshit crap, I recommend you City Hunter, another one of my all time favourite anime from the 1990s.


So, there you have it. I’ve finally gotten around to watching Parasyte: The Maxim and may appear with a review soon enough. Or with a right hand that shapeshifts and do as I pleases.


So, till the next review, cheerio!